Four Ways Government is Better with ECM Solutions

Four Ways Government is Better with ECM Solutions
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Four Ways Government is Better with ECM Solutions

Some would be surprised to realize that enterprise content management (ECM) solutions are beneficial to government as well as businesses. Everyone in the country interacts with the government on some level, whether it’s to get a driver’s license or vote. ECM solutions can assist the government in many ways to save time, money and mistakes. Here are four ways the government is better with ECM Solutions.

Less Paper

Paper filing can take up time and space, which, among other things, costs money. First, ECM solutions typically relieve the need to hold so many hard copies in-house. After all, retrieving files every time an update is performed would weigh down any department. Thankfully, the ability to keep secure documents online cuts down on the amount of time spent filing and finding files. With a few clicks on the computer, staff can create, retrieve or edit a document in a fraction of the time. When you think about all the files the local government agencies have to house and protect, you wonder how they have any space in their offices at all.

Citizen Access

By creating access for private citizens where appropriate, streamlines most processes. A great example of this is the increase in ways to update a person’s driver’s license online. Not long ago, the only way to get anything done at the Department of Motor Vehicles was to take time off work, drive down there and wait. Lines could last for hours, and often people left frustrated as they waited only to find out they didn’t have the right documentation. By allowing certain changes to be made online, many people don’t have to visit their DMV at all. This cuts down on wait times for those that do have to appear to make their changes. Additionally, websites make unnecessary trips a thing of the past by giving detailed information about required forms and operating hours.

Department Connections

Similar to healthcare, the government should work to streamline their records. For example, healthcare is making strides to create patient portals, containing detailed medical history, available to each doctor. Likewise, ECM solutions helps connect different agencies within the government. Records that cross departments will help personnel from reinventing the wheel each time. For example, if an individual has already provided certain documentation for one agency, ECM solutions will allow another department to access and use it as well. This ability gives government works a holistic look at the individual’s history and past dealings. It also prevents extra work.

Reduction in Fraud

With online access comes heightened security. Files stored online can be encrypted and protected from the eyes of those who don’t have clearance to view them. Rather than passing around a corporate key to a file room with secure files, where hard copies can get into the wrong hands. Even scanning and attaching files poses a security threat to these government agencies. ECM solutions will allow for the highest level of security so that only approved personnel can view the files.  

Like with any other businesses, the government can stand to increase productivity, cut down on waste and save money. It has already been proven that ECM solutions streamline day-to-day for businesses, and the same is true for the government. Adopting these symptoms and building on them is vital.  As these systems grow and agencies begin to interact with each other, there should be a decrease in lost time, mistakes, paper and incomplete information. The government will run smoother with ECM solutions.