Four Ways Document Management Will Evolve in 2019

Four Ways Document Management Will Evolve in 2019
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Four Ways Document Management Will Evolve in 2019

Document management platforms have changed rapidly over the last decade. Each innovation proves more user-friendly and efficient than the last. The year 2019 looks to be just as creative, as software solutions continue to evolve. Here are four areas of document management that we anticipate growth in throughout the upcoming year.

Increasing Reliance on Cloud Storage

When “the cloud” first appeared on the document storage scene, it was met with skepticism and suspicion. The thought of storing and managing important documents online seemed like an unnecessary security risk. However, as cloud computing has developed, it is emerging as an ideal solution for the majority of organizations. The ability to access essential documents at any time and from anywhere is an appealing prospect in an increasingly global market. Additionally, a web-based document management system allows for scalability, meeting the needs of companies of all sizes all within the same platform.

Continued Development of Mobile Options

Along with the increase in cloud-based document systems, the industry will continue to emphasize mobility. As industries move further into virtual space, the document software must keep pace. Expect to see sleeker user interfaces on mobile devices, client portals available online and through apps, and additional mobile functions like 24-hour chat and e-forms optimized for mobile devices.

Greater Collaborative Functions

Gone are the days of long email chains littered with countless versions of project files and notes. Document management has opened the door to platform-based collaboration, where all parties work in the same space. With version control, project auditing, real-time updates, and automated workflow, these platforms bring a new sort of efficiency to collaborative work. The year 2019 is sure to bring greater collaborative tools to document management systems, including project management resources and integration with social functions.

Growing Affordability

While electronic document management has long been the best solution for most organizations, for a long time it was cost prohibitive for all but the largest. In today’s market, competition and innovation are such that vendors see affordability as an essential selling point. For this reason, cutting-edge document management platforms will remain affordable with increasing options and perks.

The new year promises to be one of continuing innovation and evolution in the world of content services. And this is good news for the customer, as growing competition is an incubator for great ideas and affordable products. Electronic document management is here to stay, meaning that investment in a digital transformation makes more sense now than ever. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today to discover what document management can do for your company in 2019.