Four Ways Document Management Software Help the Hiring Process

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Four Ways Document Management Software Help the Hiring Process

 When hiring new employees, you are dealing with a constant influx of documents and files. In fact, there is never a time you receive more information from your employee than in the weeks leading up to and right after they come on board. Additionally, the human resources department is tasked with making sure the employee file is complete and secure. Depending on the size of the company, this can be a monumentally time-consuming task that can require manpower and hours lost. How can document management software help HR become more efficient in new hire paperwork, while still maintaining the highest level of security?


Companies spend thousands of dollars each year in tracking and filing documents. Employee files have to be locked up and maintained for compliance reasons. It is a hassle, especially when you take into account the room for human error. What if employee files could be maintained entirely online? That way, it is always secure, there is very little risk of misfiling- although misfiles could be easily retrieved. In this scenario, document retrieval is a few simple steps. Additionally, tracking file completion is significantly simpler when you incorporate document management software.

Time Saved

The amount of time you save by using document management software is significant. Imagine the previous method of having printed copies and waiting for employees to fax them back. With many documents, hard copies used to be required and left you waiting for snail mail to arrive. Sometimes waiting on paperwork can even push back an employee start date. With document management software, you can securely send and receive documents that are required of the employee without ever having to print a piece of paper.

Secure Document Sharing

Much of the paperwork a new employee fills out requires private information such as social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers. With document management software, you can safely and securely share and receive documents that require a higher level of security. It is now possible to send, have an employee read and sign, and receive back documents without ever needing a hard copy. Imagine the time you can save by simply sending your new hires their social security forms and background checks online.   

Employee Access

Put the power into the employee’s hands. By sending new hire information online, an employee can now track what paperwork they have completed and what still needs to be filled out. Now, document management software makes paper checklists and file checking unnecessary. It allows you and your new hires to track paperwork completion. Additionally, you don’t need to spend time on emails or phone calls with the new employees to make sure their documents handled.

In that past, when you would bring a new hire on, paperwork slowed the process. Half the morning of a new hire’s first day was spent filling out forms. An entire day could be saved on getting right into on-the-job training. Human resources departments now have the flexibility and freedom to send paperwork in advance. This then allows you to set up online checklists and completion alarms. It even lets you securely receive signed documents, all before your employee reports for their first day of work. Document management software also makes it possible to set alarms for updated forms, required annually, in order to stay compliant.