Four Ways Automated Indexing Will Improve Your Business

Four Ways Automated Indexing Will Improve Your Business
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Four Ways Automated Indexing Will Improve Your Business

When dealing with data and documents, an index is a vital tool. An index provides the framework for effective search and retrieval. However, before it can become effective, an index must be created. The process of creating an index was originally done manually, with one or more people combing through all the data and categorizing each one based on its contents and relevance. Clearly, this process is a long and tedious one. Additionally, because two or more people will view relevance differently, it is difficult to keep manual indices consistent. Developers created automated indexing to solve these problems. The use of automated indexing can improve your business quickly and easily. Here are four specific benefits it brings to the table.

Time Saved

The most obvious benefit of automated indexing is the time it saves. The man-hours required to manually index large amounts of data are substantial. Instead of hiring or instructing employees to index your constant flow of documents, you are free to direct them toward more meaningful and valuable work. At the same time, your staff will also spend less time searching for documents that have slipped through the index. Your employees will only need to correct questionable search results if they appear.  

Lower Cost

An automated system costs far less than paying a staff member to manually index your data. The indexing system covers all file formats, meaning your documents, communications, spreadsheets, and other files are filtered through the software and categorized automatically. In the case of index errors, manual indexers must comb through countless documents to correct every mistake. This multiplies the cost of a manual system.

Uniform Search

Whether you expect each employee to index their own work, or you hire a team to index over time, you take a risk in manual indexing. The more diverse your indexers, the more likely that their differing perspectives will cause indexing errors or differences. By using automated indexing, you ensure conformity and consistency within your database.


Automated indexing is extremely flexible. Not only can it work well for any company, regardless of size, but it adjusts to your current data input as it ebbs and flows. Also, if you find that certain search terms or captures are not functioning as you would prefer, they are simple to change. All changes affect the whole database retroactively, showing an obvious advantage over manual indexing. You can add, amend, or delete search categories whenever necessary. Finally, because auto indexing is becoming the norm, your data system permits the sharing of data as necessary, both with other companies and with the public.

Ultimately, manual indexing is a thing of the past. While automated indexing requires an upfront investment of time and training, it pays great dividends in accuracy, flexibility, and resources saved. If you are in search of automated indexing for your organization’s databases, contact MaxxVault today.