Four Signs Your Business is Suffering Without EDMS

Four Signs Your Business is Suffering Without EDMS
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Four Signs Your Business is Suffering Without EDMS

Many offices would completely fall apart without EDMS. Specifically, enterprise document management software allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently. It also keeps files where they should go, and automates much of the workflow process. Still, many business owners try to put off implementing an enterprise document management system. They don’t see that their business is suffering without one—they only see the price tag. Take a look at your business, and if you see these four symptoms, it’s time to get EDMS on your side.

1. You’re missing deadlines

One of the big signs that your business is suffering without EDMS is that you’re missing deadlines. Not once, not occasionally, but all the time. It seems like no one can get on top of anything around here. If you’re consistently missing deadlines, odds are that this work is simply falling through the cracks. EDMS automates the workflow progress and allows forms to fly through your employees. It’s much easier to stay on top of things when it just goes where it needs to go.

2. Data entry is multiple full time jobs

This is relative, of course. Some businesses need more data entry people than others. Take a look at your workforce, though. Does it seem like your data entry, low value positions are proportional to the rest of your organization? If you have a lot more than you think you should, it’s probably because it takes many more man hours to manage files without EDMS.

3. You can’t expand rapidly

It’s a nice idea that businesses grow smoothly and proportionally in response to the effort that you put into running them. However, it’s not the truth. Sometimes your business grows because you’re ready when a huge, fantastic opportunity comes along. Take a look at your infrastructure. If you got a big opportunity tomorrow, could you take it? If you just received a huge order, or snagged a very prestigious client, could your work expand to handle the strain? It’s challenging to implement massive expansions without EDMS. If you’re not prepared to take on an enormous opportunity, your business is never going to get one.

4. Security is a concern

One of the biggest problems with not using EDMS is that without EDMS, security is much harder to enforce. If you have to send files over email, you can’t retain control of them. Messenger, file sync and share, and chat services also aren’t secure. EDMS allows you to follow safety procedures and share files with ease—even with third parties.

Without EDMS, it’s tough for your business to be flexible. You can’t share files without a security risk. You’re carrying a lot of extra positions that you don’t need to. In the event that your business was offered a huge opportunity, you couldn’t be sure that you’d be able to expand in time to seize it. Additionally, missed deadlines and work that just keeps “slipping through the cracks”, creates a recipe for disaster. Enterprise document management software is the support that your business needs in order to stay collected, organized, and competitive.