Four Ideal Business Processes to Automate With Workflow

Four Ideal Business Processes to Automate With Workflow
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Four Ideal Business Processes to Automate With Workflow

If your company deals with paper in any capacity, you would likely benefit from a document management system. The ability to save time, energy, and space by storing documents electronically boosts your efficiency and productivity. Additionally, a content services platform allows you to automate your daily tasks. By streamlining your business processes, you give your team the ability to work smarter and on the things that matter most. Here are four ideal document-driven tasks to automate with workflow.

Document Capture

The intelligent capture built into workflow software reads an abundance of formats, including machine print, hand printing, barcodes, and filled boxes and bubbles. Additionally, the system imports email attachments and documents from almost all applications (such as Microsoft Office Suite). When you automate this capture function, you eliminate the need to share, upload, or attach files. The system gathers and organizes all the information you need by default.

Data Entry

No one would dispute that data entry is tedious work. It is also frequently fraught with errors. When you automate with workflow, your system enters business checks, invoices, mail, forms, and other data automatically. Therefore, you ensure the latest information is at your employees’ fingertips without the costs of manual data entry. Whether your organization is small or large, you will see great returns from automation, both in accuracy and efficiency.


Getting data into your system isn’t the only process available for automation. While capturing information is valuable, it is essential to also transfer it to the departments that need it. By establishing an automated workflow for incoming data, you give your staff the most up to date information. When new documents enter the workflow, the system routes them appropriately and notifies the leadership of relevant departments. Timely work begins without requiring user intervention.

Project Management

It is not uncommon for projects to derail when roles and steps are not clearly defined. When you automate workflow, project tasks and timelines are built into the system. Supervisors have the ability to modify workflow according to each project’s needs. And team members receive notifications as tasks are completed, keeping projects moving and ensuring timely completion.

Efficiency is a competitive advantage. By equipping your employees with the tools of automation, you give them the ability to focus on your organization’s mission and work with fewer distractions. To find out more about how document management services helps your company automate with workflow, contact MaxxVault today.