Forms Processing Made Simple

Forms Processing Made Simple

Anything that can help save time indexing documents is something that helps make your return of investment happen that much sooner.

Forms processing is a proven technology that is much faster than manual keying. Companies are looking for ways to become more efficient and not having to double-key information, or even having it auto-populate their main line of business application, is a real time saver. MaxxVault has always been able to auto-populate emails by performing database lookups and reading barcodes, but adding a true forms processing and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) solution dramatically accelerates the indexing process.


Keyless indexing and semi-structured forms processing are part of the core MaxxVault Forms Processing module.  MaxxVault’s forms processing engine automatically captures information from invoices, packing lists, purchase orders, lab results, etc. Users can scan a batch of mixed documents and have them separated with barcode separators and automatically indexed by reading key zones on the document. MaxxVault has always been able to do forms processing on batches of the same document template but adding support and validation for mixed documents allows us to provide customers the features they need without having to purchase other 3rd party options.

The keyless indexing feature is a cool and simple feature for clients that don’t have the high volume of documents that justifies fully-automated forms processing. Simply open the document and click on the area or zone of the document containing the data to be indexed. That area will be read via OCR engine and the result will be added to the document metadata and/or index field. MaxxVault can create zone templates for various document types. All users have to do is select the template — the zones are automatically captured.

The MaxxVault Forms Processing Engine is not volume based, so once a workstation is purchased the annual license fee allows for an unlimited number of forms to be processed.

Features and Benefits Overview

  • Built-in image clean-up and document auto correction
  • Simple and easy document zone designer
  • Improve information processing time by up to 85%
  • Barcode separators identifies and sorts large volumes of scanned documents
  • Fixed-forms and semi-structured forms via templates
  • Local and remote capture
  • Eliminate keying errors and automate the process
  • Built-in confidence level  indicator per zone
  • Database lookup validation
  • Ready for use with 3 different OCR engines
  • Mailroom ready
  • OMR support
  • Built-in document rejection process for captured fields that fail to meet QA confidence-level settings

Content enters an organization in many ways: paper, e-mail, system-to-system transactions, spreadsheets, paper and electronic forms and even text messages. MaxxVault features built-in components to capture, scan, retrieve or integrate with any content-producing system.

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