Document Management Solutions for School – Five Ways to Help You Organize

Document Management Solutions for School - Five Ways to Help You Organize
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Document Management Solutions for School – Five Ways to Help You Organize

Document Management Solutions for School

Document management solutions for school help organize your school. DMS arranges the many files and papers that come through the office on a daily basis, increasing your administrator’s effectiveness. Document management for school help with more than just keeping student records. DMS structures the capturing, indexing, and retrieving of documents required for your school. As a result, you spend more time educating students. Here are five ways that MaxxVault document management solutions for school get you organized.

Reduce Paperwork Burden

Schools maintain much less paper with a document management system. You convert paper into digital files that you store and search electronically. This reduces the amount of paper you must keep. The system dramatically improves the process of filing information. Thus, you no longer require a paper-based checkout process.

In addition, many paper forms such as absence requests, purchase orders, and more change to electronic forms. These forms arrive at the right office electronically without the need for inner-school mail. The result is reduced paperwork from electronic forms.

Compare files quickly

Administrators improve effectiveness with a document management solution. The staff uses indexed files to make record searches easy without combing through filing cabinets or emails. Any authorized staff member can open student records at the same time. Staff also links documents together with the click of a mouse to put all related records in one place. Consequently, compare quickly and easily.

In addition, you can view different versions of a document. All previous versions of a document are kept within the system. Employees at central office or an individual school view changes easily and even track variations among records.

Access files anywhere

With a mobile document management solution, administrators retrieve documents anywhere on their mobile device. They are not tied to the computer. They meet with teachers or parents anywhere and still find the information they need. Staff access the most up-to-date documents even while away from the office. Workflow becomes seamless between physical locations such as central office and an individual school. Staff access files quickly without waiting for the paper files to arrive in the appropriate office.

Improve security

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that student records must be stored even after graduation. Moreover, student records must remain private from anyone not having an academic interest. Document management solutions encrypt files to prevent unauthorized access. Administrators create profiles to control access to student records. It is much more secure than a paper-based filing system because login credentials protect documents from prying eyes.

Improve communication

Eliminating paper forms improve communication between staff members and parents. Parents submit immunization records, change of address forms, and so much more electronically. They no longer need to fill out a paper form and drop it off at the office or mail it in to the school.

Additionally, once students have graduated, files stored in MaxxVault eliminate the need for gigantic file rooms at central office. Student records transfer into “read-only” access in an archive folder and retain the same user access. Alumni are able request records after graduation and receive them instantly via email.

MaxxVault document management solutions for school organize files for you to make you more efficient. Document management software controls paperwork and student records so that you focus on what you do best – educating students. Contact MaxxVault to see how we are able to help your integrate the best document management system for your school.