Five Ways a Document Management Solution Can Save Your Non-profit Money

Five Ways a Document Management Solution Can Save Your Non-profit Money
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Five Ways a Document Management Solution Can Save Your Non-profit Money

Non-profits run on a tight budget. Unlike for-profit businesses which seek to fatten the bottom line, non-profits try to run as close to the bone as possible. The more money that can be put towards your mission the better. A good document management solution will save your non-profit money in the long run. The better your DMS, the more money you can put towards your goals.


1. Ensure you meet documentation compliance at every step

Every dollar that passes in and out of a non-profit has to be properly documented. Compliance with laws both local and national requires a complex system of management. There’s a lot of documentation that goes with every step in the process of running a non-profit. Automating your workflow as much as possible ensures that your documentation reflects your compliance with the law.

2. Add to your credibility with supporters

The better your documentation, the better the reputation you’ll have with your donors. Easily being able to find and verify donations raises your non-profit’s credibility. You should always be ready to provide documentation of donations. In the new year, it becomes even more important to have quick access to your files. Tax season means that many people will be looking to verify their donation numbers before they file their taxes. If you make it too difficult for them you may be facing fewer repeat donors.

3. Avoid redundancy

Document management solutions will keep everyone on your team on the same page. You can avoid redundancies in ordering and organizing. The proper files can be shuttled to the right people on schedule. This will prevent you double-ordering supplies, for example. You can also stay on track with filing and documenting work. You don’t have to have competing projects or reports when people can see who’s already working even across the country.

4. Trim administrative costs

Handling paper documents is a time-drain. Automating the document filing process and turning your paper archives over to a document capture system reduces the time involved in simply managing your data. Your document management system will reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to stay on top of your data. This means your administrative staff can get more done in a day. Eventually, you may be able to downsize your administrative employees, or keep the same number as your non-profit grows.

5. Maintain proper confidentiality

Some documents are not for just anyone’s eyes. You can set up your good document management system to only grant access to approved members. This makes sure that confidentiality is protected. It also prevents workload mix-ups and mistakes. Mistakes can happen even with the most trustworthy employees. Document management solution remove the possibility of innocent human error. After all, what’s seen cannot be unseen.

Document management solutions enable your non-profit to do more with less. You can spend less money keeping your documents in line and more time achieving your mission. You’ll have faster access to documents, fewer redundancies, and a fitter non-profit.