Five Things You Should Know About Cloud Content Management

Five Things You Should Know About Cloud Content Management
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Five Things You Should Know About Cloud Content Management

References to “the cloud” have become common lingo in the tech world. If we believed everything we read, we should expect every bit of information in the world to be part of one amorphous database in the sky. But the reality of cloud computing is different and, more importantly, better. Here are five things you should know about cloud content management and how it helps your organization.

Cloud Content Management Is the Future

There is a reason for all the tech chatter about the cloud. Cloud computing really is the storage of the future. And digital transformation is the new normal for companies that value relevance and foresight. According to an AIIM study conducted in the fall of 2017, a full 79% of respondents consider the cloud a vital part of their content management strategy for the future. It is clear that to move forward, adopting cloud content management is essential.

You Probably Already Use the Cloud

Even if you haven’t intentionally transitioned to cloud-based content management, it is likely that cloud storage already plays a role in your day-to-day business. Email services, workflow software, and most business applications (think Slack or Salesforce) are cloud-based. If you are reluctant to make a digital transformation because the cloud is unfamiliar, remember that this technology is not new and is probably more intuitive than you expect.

The Greatest Benefit of the Cloud: Simplicity

While moving everything off-site seems overwhelming, you likely don’t realize the burden that on-site storage brings. Once your data and documents migrate to cloud content management, you experience new flexibility and options. Employees are connected, regardless of location. Storage is scalable based on your current needs and can change as needed. Maintenance and storage costs go down. Ultimately, you are free to focus on more important things than purchasing, installing, and maintaining massive systems.

Cloud Content Is Really and Truly Secure

While having your documents away from you physically may seem like a risk, there isn’t any safer form of document management than the cloud. Cloud content management includes regular backups and multiple layers of security. Documents may seem more secure under traditional “lock and key,” but cloud content management keeps your data both entirely secure and completely available.

The Cloud Is for Everyone

Unlike large on-premises document servers, cloud-based services can work for virtually every size and type of company. The features and services are scalable to your needs, making cloud storage affordable and easily tailored. If you are concerned that your company is too small, too large, or not well-equipped for a digital transition, you may be surprised at the options you find. Cloud content management is a great equalizer, giving every company the best accessibility, security, and integration tools on the market.

Still not sure about the cloud and how it can work for your organization? Our experts at MaxxVault would love to walk you through the options. Digital transformation is the next step toward the future. Contact us today to learn more about how cloud content management is a great option for you.