Five Mistakes Enterprise Content Management Can Help You Avoid

Five Mistakes Enterprise Content Management Can Help You Avoid
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Five Mistakes Enterprise Content Management Can Help You Avoid



Enterprise content management mistakes are rare; human error is unfortunately common. When you get technology in your corner you can get more done reliably than you otherwise would be able to. In fact, as soon as you get your ECM system up and running you can wave goodbye to these common office mistakes.

1. Breach of confidentiality

Part of having access to sensitive information is making sure that you’re the only ones who have access to that information. Enterprise content management allows you to put additional security on your documents. Security measures will keep your documents safe from external snoopers, but also through bumbling from your staff. You don’t have to worry about enterprise content management mistakes; setting security is easy. Permissions layers will seamlessly keep employees away from information they shouldn’t see.

2. Leaving your files behind

Working from different locations can be a strain. Enterprise Content Management gives you and your employees more flexibility on where and when they work. Whether you’re consistently having to work on a job site or you forgot your files for a big presentation, mobile support can keep you connected to your content from anywhere.

3. Working with old versions of forms

Old versions of your internal rules or data gathering forms can have a far-reaching impact. Quote the wrong information and you can complicate an issue of employee training or understanding. Get the wrong information from a client and you have to apologize and ask for more of their time. While most of these mistakes won’t be a disaster immediately, they won’t make a good impression in the long run.

4. Department isolation

Your business will work more smoothly when everyone can speak to one another plainly. Many offices struggle to bridge the gap between departments. Enterprise content management smooths the lines of communication between departments. Information is easily available to whomever may need it. Additionally, you can check where a task is in the workflow process. It becomes easier to reach out to get an update or ask a question. This increases the cohesiveness of the whole office.

5. Wrong retention times

Some forms have to be retained for a certain amount of time. On the other hand, some information has to be destroyed when contracts lapse, etc. Your enterprise content management system can eliminate mistakes. Your software can automatically retain copies for as long as the law requires. Once you no longer need them, they can be safely and effectively culled from the system. This provides an effortless balance between keeping the files you need and trimming the extra bulk.

Enterprise content management mistakes may happen, but they fix far more problems than they cause. You can keep compliance with security and retention times. Your departments can communicate more freely. If you need to head to the job site or to give a big presentation, you don’t have to worry. ECM allows you to access your important files from anywhere.