Five Industries that Would Benefit from Enterprise Information Management Software

Five Industries that Would Benefit from Enterprise Information Management Software
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Five Industries that Would Benefit from Enterprise Information Management Software

Of course the case can be made that every industry benefits from adopting enterprise information management software (EIM). Reducing paper and digitizing workflow processes has far reaching applications that can streamline any type of business. Still there are some industries that are the perfect case studies for increased document management functionality and scope.


From patients being able to access their own records to continuous compliance requirements, healthcare is perhaps in the most critical need for document management software. Going into an ER and having a doctor pull up a quick medical history on a patient can be the difference between quick diagnosis and treatment or a frustrating medical journey for a patient. That alone makes the case for document management software. In healthcare, there are so many moving parts. There are hospital records, patient records, insurance information, billing, forms required and a host of other things of which to keep track. Not only does healthcare need document management software, but they must constantly analyze if it continues to meet their needs as the industry grows and changes.


It used to take quite a bit of time and hassle to acquire a person’s own transcripts. Often, a request would need to be faxed in, money paid, and then wait 2-3 weeks for the mailman to deliver it via snail mail. When the educational system uses document management software, it means that you have almost instant access to your own school records. It makes applying to different schools a lot easier when you can download your files, then upload them almost instantly. Further, in grade school, digitized information, makes testing and collecting grades easier. Parents can login to portals designed to follow their children every step of the way.  


There is no end to the amount documents the government has to track. With so many different branches and sects, document management software now allows some connection between departments. This allows one hand to see what the other one is doing so to speak. From the IRS to the passport office, document management can ease the burden of tracking people and keeping in compliance.


The transportation industry is all about complicated logistics. Transporting everything under the sun by land, ship or air would be near impossible to track by any other method than a computer. What left the docking station? Did it arrive on time? Intact? Being able to track the movement of goods across the country and even the world is critical to the efficiency and sustainability of the transportation industry.


Document management software is incredibly important to the manufacturing industry for a few reasons. One, manufacturing largely takes place in huge warehouses, with spread out employees. Office space is limited. With multiple plants or warehouses, the entire industry is spread out and employees are busy in the hands on process. Document management software can ensure that offices stay small while still reaching employees and customers. Being able to quickly touch base with warehouses to find out current status will save the employee time and money. Additionally, employee hours can be easily tracked as to not take away from the work day.

Although any industry can benefit from document management software, some depend on it more than others. With the growth of industries and the ability to connect different branches to one company, keeping a relevant document management plan will keep everything running smoothly. Healthcare, government, education, transportation and manufacturing are all vastly different industries with vastly different needs, yet they all run better when their paper and processes are digitized.