Five Features of Document Control Software

Five Features of Document Control Software
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Five Features of Document Control Software

As we’ve discussed here before, document control is not synonymous with document management. While the two greatly overlap, document control software has additional features that give you more flexibility in the ways your documents work for you. Today we will discuss five different features of document control software that will save you money and increase your efficiency from day one.

Regulatory Compliance

With extensive security features and regulatory requirements built right in, document control software makes you compliant with any regulation you require. There is no need to fear an audit or review. Your files will remain up to date with all the necessary documentation.

Version Control

While your documents move through the flow of business, there are typically countless edits and versions produced. Document control software automatically tracks and saves the many versions, ensuring that a clear record of the document lifecycle exists. Additionally, when documents are no longer required, the system will dispose of them without any searching or backtracking required.

Workflow Management

While document management systems typically come with some level of workflow capabilities, document control software takes the abilities to a new level. You can formulate workflows according to any needs your company encounters, and the system does the rest. Document capture, automatic replies to information requests, and tracking project efficiency are just a few of the available workflow solutions available.

Extensive Security

A document control system will ensure that no one accesses your data without appropriate permissions. The system is flexible and capable of countless specifications, meaning each person and project can have unique sets of credentials. In other words, your documents remain safe and encrypted, while also remaining available when necessary.

Software Integration

One of the greatest benefits of document control software is its ability to integrate. In other words, any document software you currently use will sync with the system, keeping all of your work to date. Sort, save, and monitor your emails, forms, contacts, spreadsheets, and more. No more hunting around the system for lost files. Instead, your documents are organized and accessible when and where you need them.

For smaller or less document-reliant companies, a document management system may be all you require. However, if you require tools to increase your efficiency while decreasing your paper load, document control software could be a better choice for your needs. If you would like to discuss your company’s needs and the best system for you, contact MaxxVault today.