Finding the Right Scanning Solution

Finding the Right Scanning Solution
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Finding the Right Scanning Solution

For your document management platform to work to its full potential, you need a high-quality scanning solution. However, scanning solutions are highly individual and should be chosen based on the specific needs of your organization. Here are some guidelines to refer to as you walk through the selection process.

Use What You Know

Some technology purchases require you to make educated guesses about your company’s needs. One great aspect of shopping for a scanning solution is how much you already know. Because your organization already deals with documents daily, you can easily estimate the document load your solution needs to handle. Also, you know the software and other programs you use that will receive the scans. This information heavily shapes the sort of scanning solution you choose.

Not Every Area Needs the Same Scanning Solution

Just as every company will need different document solutions, your individual locations and departments are unique. For this reason, it is good to evaluate the needs of every area individually. Additionally, remember that a good document system offers diverse ways to onboard files. This flexibility allows you to choose the right scanning methods for each location without sacrificing integration or efficiency.

Consider Automation

The goal of a scanning solution is not only to get every file into your system. It also assists you in getting critical documents available in the system as soon as possible. This means it is crucial that documents find their proper home as soon as you scan them in. To ensure this accuracy, consider automating your index, or at the very least adding barcodes to your most essential documents. A scanning solution should not only enter your documents as files; every document needs an immediate and accessible place in your repository.

Look at Your Current Hardware

Two decades ago, the hardware required for a scanning solution was bulky and expensive. Now, it’s probably already in your office. Most multi-purpose office equipment includes scanning capabilities. Even if your team is not currently using those capabilities, it is available and easy to integrate. Before you invest in large or costly equipment, find out if the machines you use daily can also provide the solutions you need.

Scanning solutions bridge the gap between the paperless office of the future and the reality of paper documents you use today. Finding the right scanning solution for your organization doesn’t mean investing in enormous equipment or trying to conform all of your business to a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, look at the tools and equipment you already have, consider the different needs of your departments, and move forward with flexible and efficient solutions. Need help finding the right solutions for your needs? Call MaxxVault today to learn more about the options available.