How to Find the Best Document Storage Software

How to Find the Best Document Storage Software
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How to Find the Best Document Storage Software

When you are in the market for business solutions, you look for the best product for your needs. But when you are unfamiliar with the type of product you are searching for, you may not know how to find your best match. If document management is what you want, this list has the information you need. This is what to look for in the best document storage software for your organization.

Storage Shouldn’t Be Your Focus

Every document storage company is going to offer decent storage. That’s the whole point, right? And realistically, storage is the easy part. Assuming the companies your consider regularly manage a wide variety of file types and offer simple access to them, the storage component is straightforward. Instead, look at the further capabilities each company provides.

Look for Smart Search

Storing your documents does you no good if you can’t find what you need. Ensuring the company you choose includes smart search is a key to finding the best document storage software for your needs. Look for software that includes user-defined search criteria and tags for classification. Thoroughly test the search feature when you try the software and ask lots of questions about search customization.

Check Security Features

Every business is concerned about security. This means it is a major factor in choosing document management software. Realistically, good security measures are like an insurance policy for the future of your company. To that end, look for document solutions that feature advanced permission settings, file retention, and (if you need it) audit trails. Additionally, good security measures give you the bonus of built-in compliance if your industry requires it.

Consider Your Need for Integration

This will differ between organizations and industries. But if you heavily rely on your current software for databases, finances, or other essential business data, the best document storage software for you will include integration of those platforms. Integration increases your efficiency and improves communication across your organization.

Decide If You Want Workflow Capabilities

It is rare to create a document just for storage. Instead, documents move across companies for editing, signatures, and more. If you desire your document platform to include the ability to track and manage these tasks, you are looking for workflow capabilities. The best document storage software for your needs will include reporting, routing, e-signatures, and other editing tools. Before you shop for software, outline some of the workflows you want to automate so you know what features to look for.

Ultimately, every company has different needs that shape their software requirements. Finding the best document storage software for your organization requires you to target your specific needs and desires. As you look at your options, consider the points above to determine the best fit for you. And as always, if you are looking for the best document storage software in the business, look no further than MaxxVault. Contact us today to hear more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.