Browse Folders  
Folder, Subfolder and Document Security  
Legal Hold and Bates Numbering Support  
Folder Level Encryption and Decryption ✓ *  
Check-In and Check-Out Document Control  
Drag and Drop from Folder to Folder    
Secure Login  
Support For AD  
Support SAML  
Drag and Drop from Folder to Folder  
Content Upload  
EDI File Import  
Customize User Interfaces and Toolbars  
Dynamic Embedded Print  
Auto Export to 3rd Party Line-Of-Business  
Automated Indexing via BATCH OCR Templates  
Keyless Indexing  
Barcode and OCR Indexing  
MaxxForms - Online Form Designer  
Complete MaxxForm Used to Fill Out Other PDF Forms  
Upload Supporting Documents via MaxxForm  
Manual Indexing  
Index Stick Feature  
OMR Indexing  
3rd Party Lookup Integration  
Document Name Indexing  
Bulk File Import  
Upload a Document Index  
Manual and Automated Subfolder Creation  
Document Copy  
Thumbnail Preview  
Merge PDF Files  
Merge Image Files  
Merge PDF and Image Files  
Version Control  
Document Publishing  
MaxxBolt Integration Toolbar  
API Support -.Net and Web Service Calls  
Data Capture Tool - Screen Scraping Tool  
Document Notes  
Page Bookmarking Feature in Notes Tab  
Document Priority Flagging  
Internal Document Linking  
External Document Linking  
Merging Linked Files  
Re-Order PDF Document Pages  
Re-Order Image Document Pages  
Support for Private MaxxCloud Server  
Support for all Standard MaxxCloud Features** ✓   
Desktop Hotkey Searching  
Support for Full text searching  
Search from Within Outlook  
Save to Maxxcloud for Word  
Save to Maxxcloud for Excel  
Save to Maxxcloud for Powerpoint  
Save to Maxxcloud for Outlook  
Maxxcloud Panel Integration in Outlook  
Index Search  
Full Text Search  
Save Search Results  
Legal Document Hold  
Move Documents  
Support for Audio Files  
Support for Photos  
Support for Video Files  
Support for Dicom Files  
Support for DWG Files ✓   
Support for MS Office Formats  
MaxxEditor PDF and Image Editing Tool  
Email Documents  
Email a Password Protected PDF  
Send Documents Via Secure Link  
Delete to Recycle Bin  
Permanent Delete  
Open Multiple Documents  
Next Page  
Previous Page  
Last Page  
Next Document  
Download File  
Document Import Report  
Deleted Document Report  
User Usage Report  
Workflow Support  
Assign Document to Workflow  
Terminate a Workflow  
Approve a Workflow  
Complete a workflow  
Workflow Email Notifications  
Reject a Workflow  
Forward a Workflow  
Reassign a Workflow  
Workflow Status View  
Admin Interface  
Scan to Maxxcloud  
Distributed Scanning  
Hot Folder To MaxxCloud  
Virtual Print Driver  
Document Zoom In and Out  
Document Fit to View  
Document Task List Per User or Per Group ✓   
Document Tasks per Document  
Temporary Rotate  
Permanent Rotate  
MaxxVault Document Viewer  
Embedded PDF Viewer ✓   
Launch in Default Viewer Option ✓   
White Document Redaction ✓   
Black Document Redaction ✓   
Document Highlight ✓   
Document Custom Stamp Tools ✓   
Signature Stamp Tool ✓   
Touch Document Signature ✓   
Pre-define Document Signature Zone ✓   
Password Protected Signature Option ✓   
Apply Security To Annotations and Stamps ✓   
Support for DocuSign Integration ✓   
Fuse Signature to Document Once Signed and Make Copy of Original as a Version ✓   
Audit Trail for Document and User access  
Export Document or User Audit History  
Salesforce Integration *
Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration *
Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration *
Microsoft Dynamics SL Integration
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration   *
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration *
BlackBaud Financial Edge Integration *
BlackBaud Raisers Edge Integration *
Sage Integration ✓*
AllScripts Integration ✓*
Epic Integration ✓*
McKesson Integration ✓*
CLS Integration ✓*
HIPPA and HIPPA HiTech Compliant  
FDA Compliant
HL7 Connector ✓* 
Sharp OSA Integration *
Kyocera HyPAS Integration *
Samsung MFP Connector *
Barcode Bursting
Document Index Bursting
HP Teleform Connector
HP LiquidOffice Support
OCR Full page Support  
Nuance OCR Engine  
DocAlpha Support ✓ *  
Teleform Support ✓ *  
Rightfax Support ✓ *  
Psigen Support ✓ *  
Knowlake Support ✓ *  
Kofax Support ✓ *  
Twain Scanning Support  
Paperstream by Fujitsu Support  
Encrypted File Support  
Document Retention Features  
SSL and TLS support - or higher 256  
Disaster Recovery for merged files  
Bulk File Import via FTP upload  
Restricted IP Addresses that can access site  
MaxxMobile support iOS  
MaxxMobile support for Android  
Support for Custom e-forms *
MaxxEngage- Secure Chat  

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