Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Enterprise Document Management Software Part 1

Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Enterprise Document Management Software Part 1
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Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Enterprise Document Management Software Part 1

You are considering enterprise document management software, but you are not yet sure if it could benefit your business. Unfortunately, myths abound regarding EDMS systems. As you ponder the cost and benefits of implementing a system, explore the truth about common objections in the next two posts.

EDMS is too expensive.

Perhaps cost is the most common worry about enterprise document management systems. Most companies think that it will be too expensive to purchase and implement in the business. But the reality is that EDMS is probably more cost-effective than your current system of document management. Good systems help you achieve economies of scale and improve efficiency. They also free time for employees to work on more productive tasks.

Good systems offer features that provide flexibility for your business. Increase access to critical information for all users in any size business. Enhance customer experience with shorter file search times. Improve manager decision-making with access to real-time information. Because of improving technology and systems, EDMS is now more reasonable than ever.

EDMS is difficult to implement.

Difficult implementation is another common objection to enterprise document management software. Certainly the adoption of any new system will require some training for employees to use on a daily basis. But EDMS systems today are configurable and customizable for any user. Systems are able to integrate software that employees already use. Training time is shorter because users already know the platform.

In addition, troubleshoot and maintain current EDMS systems with non-IT employees. Many employees outside the IT department already use and maintain current systems. Increasingly, developers design platforms from the user’s perspective so that the average employee can manage it.

EDMS is not secure.

Certainly, many businesses are concerned about document security, especially ones that must maintain sensitive information. Regulations and compliance procedures dictate how files must be handled in many industries. Yet, a good system can exceed security requirements. Enterprise document management software replaces lock and key file cabinets with electronically secure, hacker safe servers. These servers can be configured for access for different security levels and multiple users. The reality is that no unauthorized user, either inside or outside the company, gains access.

EDMS is only for organizing files.

Many businesses believe that enterprise document management software is simply a tool for managing documents, but the reality is that it is much more. EDMS systems are flexible enough to help you not only organize files, but also manage email, workflow processes, user access, archive settings, document changes and more. A good EDMS provider will help customize your solution to meet your needs from organizing to distributing files.

Stay tuned for more information about how to distinguish EDMS fact from fiction.