Why Every EDMS is Incomplete Without Mobile Support

Why Every EDMS is Incomplete Without Mobile Support
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Why Every EDMS is Incomplete Without Mobile Support

Enterprise document management software can revolutionize your business. Every EDMS relies on document capture, automated processing of workflow, and easy access. Without adequate mobile support, however, your enterprise document management software is incomplete. Mobile support can make or break your EDMS on the go.


Speed and efficiency demand mobile upload

You don’t want lag to enter your enterprise document management software. Even in the digital world, many documents need to be paper-based at some point in their life. You have to get a signature on the delivery invoice, for example. You need to get your client’s authorization for something. Checklists, yes or no questions, and feedback forms for employees all need to be paper at times. Being able to capture these documents on the go is a huge boon to your business. The sooner documents are entered into your system, the sooner EDMS can send it on its way.

Instant recall on site or in transit

Every EDMS needs to function both in, and out of the office. Often in businesses certain people have work that gets funneled to them, and can only be handled by them, creating a bottleneck of workflow. Typically, these include heads of departments, project leaders, and experts on subject matter. These people are valuable to your business because they cannot be easily replaced. Where they go, your EDMS needs to follow. Fortunately, mobile support for EDMS means, these people are accessible even if they’re out of the office. A site visit doesn’t have to be cut short if there’s an urgent matter for them to attend to. Your enterprise document management system works seamlessly with their mobile device to ensure access to the right documents when they need them.

Mobile EDMS can be safe

You don’t want any of your employees to be a Lone Ranger. For every EDMS, mobile support keeps your employees in the loop. Whether they’re in the main office, or wining and dining a client, you want them to have access to your archives, records, and reports.

For many businesses, the question is how to provide mobile access and still put security first. Data risk is a huge issue within the business community. Your EDMS can work to keep your data safe while on the go, all on its own. Permissions masks can make sure that each employee only has access to what they should see. For companies concerned with the security of mobile EDMS, permissions are the way to go. You can limit the access of employees, per device or per login. Then, even if a mobile device is lost or stolen, your entire EDMS isn’t compromised. This helps to keep your employees in the loop without risking your data, client information, or company security.

In conclusion, mobile support for EDMS allows your business to thrive on the go. You can get documents into your system more quickly. You can keep employees in the loop even when they’re out of the office. Your most valuable employees will never be out of reach at a key moment. At the same time, your data will stay secure due to the format of the EDMS itself.