Enterprise Information Management Transformation in Manufacturing

Enterprise Information Management Transformation in Manufacturing
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Enterprise Information Management Transformation in Manufacturing

Enterprise information management transformations can help every industry improve its productivity. Each industry has specific areas that gain to benefit the most from automating workflows. Manufacturing is no different. With headquarters located apart from most places where the manufacturing happens, having a strong infrastructure can increase profits and pull the company together. Here are some areas where manufacturing can benefit.

Human Resources

From onboarding new employees to sending out annual open enrollment information, enterprise information management can help. Often those in manufacturing aren’t sitting at a computer all day. Getting paperwork filled out and returned can be difficult. A strong EIM can help human resources communicate with employees regarding benefits and enrollments. Having the ability to explain benefits to the employees at their branches and in their windows of availability can make getting the required paperwork back a lot easier.

Portals for Employees

Creating ways for employees to access their information remotely can also help them feel more connected and in control of their compensation packages. It can be frustrating to have a question for corporate and not be able to get in contact with them. Enterprise information management systems that allow employees to access their personal information offsite gives manufacturing employees the control.

Connecting Branches to the Main Office

In a busy manufacturing branch, it can be hard for the employees to connect with the main office. Enterprise information management systems can be created so that the main office can connect with the branches remotely. Employee meetings, trainings, and celebrations can be brought into the locations to help them feel like a part of the main office. Further, the headquarters no longer have to be burdened with the logistics of frequent trips to the branches as often. These meetings can take place at the branches’ convenience.


Manufacturers often have complicated logistical considerations. With things being produced and shipped, it’s important to keep up with outgoing and incoming deliveries. Enterprise information management systems take the logistical tracking online and help track deliveries virtually. Reducing delivery mistakes and increasing accurate estimated times of arrival, EIM systems can increase profitability for manufacturers. Logistics can now be run intuitively so that no one person is tasked with manually tracking shipments.  

Document Access

Getting documents to other branches is a complicated process. A strong enterprise information management system will put documents online and allow for confidential access. Sharing and accessing documents can now be a simplified two-way street with both branches and headquarters getting information to the other quickly and accurately. New employees located at the branch level can get their paperwork in quicker. Additionally, the corporate office can communicate any new information more effectively.

Enterprise information management systems improve the way businesses are run, and how they communicate. This communication improvement happens both at the customer level and internally. Setting up a great process for automating workflows can save time and money. Employees will feel like they are part of the bigger picture and corporate will be able to better communicate with them. Further, having many locations can make a company feel fragmented. Moving information online can strengthen the bond between corporate and different manufacturing locations.