Enterprise Information Management and Small Businesses

Enterprise Information Management and Small Businesses
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Enterprise Information Management and Small Businesses

Many small businesses struggle with content management but fear they aren’t big enough to use an Enterprise Information Management system. They believe those services are for businesses with hundreds of employees who operate out of different locations. However, those small business owners have the same types of data sources as the bigger businesses do. This includes paper, audio, video, and email. With many different data types available, it’s hard to organize it and use it in an efficient manner. Even if it is possible to collect all the data for a small business in one location, the business owner still spends hours sifting through mounds of paperwork trying to save money by doing it him or herself.

Benefits of Enterprise Information Management for Small Business

How much money and productivity are being lost by small business owners due to the inefficiency of data being locked in file cabinets or computer programs that aren’t sharing or cross-referencing valuable information? Too much.

What are the benefits of Enterprise Information Management for small businesses? Small businesses can find as many benefits to content management as large businesses do.

How can Enterprise Information Management help your small business? All your documents can be stored in a central, secure repository. It doesn’t matter what type of data you are attempting to store, it can be done. Once the information is collected into the system, the different types of data can be used together. Instead of reading through strings of emails, your Enterprise Information System can locate the information with ease.

Another benefit to an Enterprise Information Management system for small businesses is that anyone in your business can access data from wherever they are located through cloud-based technology. They no longer must be in the main office in front of the one computer that has the material stored. In addition, there is no restriction on how the information is accessed. It can be via a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. For example, if you have an employee on vacation, but need the individual to review a purchase order at the last minute, they can pull up the information from their hotel room and give the proper approval in seconds.

You can also set up levels of security that allow certain employees or a category of employees access to a certain group of records, but not to a different group of records. Users can have full edit capabilities or read-only access to certain types of data. Owners can now track who had access to the material, when, and whether any modifications were made to the data. With a file cabinet storage solution, you have no idea who accesses information, or if any of it was lost, destroyed, or modified. The level of security available with an Enterprise Information Management system is peace of mind to the data’s owner.

MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management

If you are a small business and searching for ways to enhance your content management, then look no further. MaxxVault offers services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your business records. The MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management for small businesses is ideal for providing increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security.

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Enterprise Information Management for small businesses does not have to be complicated. If you want advice to guide you through the process to get the most out of content management, contact MaxxVault. MaxxVault is an experienced industry leader. To get started with Enterprise Information Management for small businesses, call (631) 446-4800.