Enterprise Information Management and Document Security

Enterprise Information Management and Document Security
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Enterprise Information Management and Document Security


As companies begin to put more and more of their documents and processes online, it might leave some wondering how information security plays into all of this. It may feel like your information is at a higher risk being online. Enterprise Information Management, after all, is a way of having all of your data available online. There are a lot of reasons, however, why your information is safer being housed online. Let’s look at some security benefits of having your information online.


With high-security options, encryption and multiple password options you can be sure that your information is protected. The idea that keeping paper copies onsite is somehow safer and more within your control is a myth. The truth is, any small oversight on the part of an employee leaving files out or a room unlocked can result in a security breach. The breach potential may look different, but it’s completely safe to house your documents online and keep security measures developed by enterprise information management companies.


Allowing employees access to information is by far one of the biggest benefits of enterprise information management systems.  The days of making paper copies and securely getting them to the correct people are over. Giving employees access to information is as easy as setting security preferences and/or assigning viewing privileges to the correct people. Additionally, these documents can be accessed from anywhere the employee has access to a computer. This feature is a huge saving in time and safety. Additionally, when an employee is no longer with you, you can turn off these privileges without worrying about anyone accessing confidential information without clearance.

Back Up

It would take an act of weather, a fire or simply things getting lost in the shuffle to create devastating information loss when you house your docs in hard copy files. Losing valuable pieces of information would create a nightmare scenario where you are tasked with getting files and documents redistributed and returned for new files. Enterprise information management makes it possible to backup your important documents. Housing everything online gives you the peace of mind knowing your documents are not going to be easily eradicated. Your information can stay secure and safe from destruction.


Keeping things online allows better tracking of information. The digital footprint left by anyone looking into your company’s documents are well documented and easily tracked. For enterprise information management, this is important if you experience a security breach or if you need proof that someone received and viewed important information. This type of tracking would never be possible with paper files. People could slip in and out of your company files without being noticed. Additionally, you would have no way to prove if something you mailed an employee was received and read. Tracking digital footprints is an important part of keeping up with receipt and viewing of documents.

Enterprise information management is making our workplaces better, smarter and more efficient. Digitizing documents creates huge savings in time and money. Is this method safe? When it comes to the internet and security, people are skeptical that their information is safe. If you really explore the myth that says things stored in-house are more secure, you will see a whole host of vulnerabilities your files have in regards to safety and security. Keeping your documents stored using a solid enterprise information management software will be a much safer and secure way to store and use information.