Enterprise Information Management and Human Resources

Enterprise Information Management and Human Resources
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Enterprise Information Management and Human Resources

New Hire Paperwork

The hiring process can be long and tedious. For instance, it takes time meeting with appropriate departments and gathering all of the paperwork to create an employee file. Unfortunately, all this running around makes it easy to lose track of things in the process. Thankfully, an enterprise information management solution allows new employees to access their required paperwork online before their first day of work. As a result, this cuts down on chasing paper trails. Further, allowing online access to an employee portal gives employees access to power point presentations, employee manuals, and more. Employees walk in on day one, ready to start training versus spending the first half of the day filling out paperwork. By building employee folders virtually, human resources can easily track completion and access files. Last of all, different departments requiring forms, can be given security clearance to access only the files necessary.

Benefit Management

Taking time with employees to discuss and manage company benefits can take up a lot of time, yet it is vital that a compensation and benefits package be robust to compete in today’s market. How does a company continue to add a great selection of well rounded benefits and instruct the employees on how to use it? This is an area where enterprise information management can save human resources time while giving the employees deep satisfaction. Instead of leaving a voicemail for a staff member in HR and waiting for a return call, employees can hop online and check out the status of their own benefits online. By placing reimbursement forms and enrollment paperwork online, with customer service contact information, companies can offer great benefits and alleviate the frustration of using them.


Getting employees paid on time and correctly is the single most important thing a company can do for their employees. Enterprise information management can help ensure the prompt and correct payment of employees. Everything from allowing employees to update forms online to creating a portal where employees can track their accrued PTO time will alleviate strain on the HR department. By allowing employees to see their deductions and proactively contact HR when there is an issue, they feel like they have the control over their compensation. Additionally, employee access to paychecks make for easy paycheck stub printing for their records. W-2’s can arrive electronically for faster access and an overall reduction in paper processing will save money and time and file space.  

Enterprise information management is a way to take digitizing paperwork to the next level. It helps human resources free up time and space and accomplish more in their department. It’s important to take an in-depth look at the processes that need automating. Remember, there are at least three areas where enterprise information management helps human resources. Improve the process of new hire paperwork, payroll and ongoing benefit management with document management.