What is Enterprise Information Management Governance?

What is Enterprise Information Management Governance?
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What is Enterprise Information Management Governance?

Enterprise Information Management Governance is a way for companies to build EIM processes slowly and thoughtfully. When you consider the amount of data and processes that need to convert in any given company to run optimally, implementing a plan is a must. The governance determines the development, implementation and maintenance of that plan. It is a complicated road map which is why it requires the highest level of planning. It takes into consideration everything from structures and policies to data integrity and security.


Your enterprise information management governance should include a group of individuals, each a representative of different departments, to serve as a board. This group will have a lot to tackle as they begin to research and plan the EIM strategy. This can include bringing first hand knowledge of different areas to the table. Software models also exist to help plan and execute a strong EIM vision.

Roles and Procedures

Taking current inventory of existing staff, information and processes will help bring to light areas for improvement and action. Part of enterprise information management governance is to set up a set of policies and procedures to serve as a guide for the EIM implementation. This will keep the team and the process focused on the most important items. Further, any idea that seems off track will quickly be brought to light when held up against the focused goals.


No company wide EIM plan can be implemented overnight. Additionally, the amount of information that has to now be stored and managed differently is huge. Once the plan for what will change and how, it’s time to plan the when. Making smaller changes over time that are analyzed by enterprise information management governance software can reduce the amount of confusion, implementation errors and false starts. Having a plan clearly laid out on paper highlighting the EIM timeline can be a tremendously helpful visual for employees.


Develop a timeline, decide on impact to employees and develop your plan to communicate it to them. Once those are in play, the EIM can be executed. Those first, tentative steps should be monitored by the enterprise information management governance in order to stay ahead of any fallout or implementation challenges. There likely will be hiccups along the way, but as long as the company has a strong structured implementation team, the impact to everyone should be minimal. Further, confidence will remain high as the company will appear to be strong and well managed.


As the company works its way further and further through the plan, the enterprise information management governance should ensure healthy maintenance. Change the way you do business in a department and walking away is a mistake. It won’t be perfect the first time and it’s important to stay connected to the department and have a watchful eye on any issues. This is a complicated place to be as new things are happening all the time, and previous changes should be followed.

Enterprise information management governance is the master plan needed to ensure the smoothest and best EIM plan for a company. There are so many interlocking factors to take into consideration. For this reason, it would be a mistake to try and embark on this journey haphazardly. With a committed governing team, a well researched plan and timeline and careful implementation, you can embark on this journey in a thoughtful, organized way that makes the company stronger, the employees confident and the customers loyal.