What an Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution Does for You

What an Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution Does for You
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What an Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution Does for You

Getting an enterprise file sync and share solution off the ground is the best way to support a business in the digital age. Whether you’re a start-up looking to support work from home functions or a large corporation with several hubs of operation, a good enterprise file sync program will keep everyone in the loop. You can wave bye-bye to dropped message, insecure data, and even get a peek into what’s being shared today.


Establishes who is sharing what

Verifying employee email addresses will give you insight into which documents are being shared. Enterprise file sync and share solutions will allow you to track a file’s progress through the company. This is great for judging project deadlines, etc. You can see a file make its way from drafting to revision to approval all by checking who is sharing it and when. Additionally, you can make sure that everyone’s permissions are in order and that no one is sharing things they shouldn’t be able to access.

Maintains security

A good enterprise file sync and share solution will do a lot more for you than just let you enforce the proper permissions at work. An enterprise file sync helps to maintain security in two additional ways: first, it lets you control where your company’s information is stored. Secondly, it ensures that access is instantly revoked when employees leave the company.

Where your data is stored is actually very important. Some countries require that some information stays inside the country. Worldwide cloud access is great, but you need to have control over where the information is actually stored. This is where enterprise file sync comes into place. No matter where your employees download, tweak, and re-upload the information, the real copies are available in the cloud. This gives you a lot of control over server safety. Your host should be able to provide you with personal encryption keys that will keep your data on lockdown.

Enterprise file sync will check with personnel permissions before allowing anyone to have access to your files. The moment someone is removed from your personnel files they will lose the ability to access any data. While you want all your personnel to leave on good terms, not every one will. This feature protects you against any trouble you may have. It’s also useful for personnel that merely transition to a different role within your company. An enterprise file sync system makes assigning new permissions a breeze.  You can onboard a new member in minutes. Changing permissions takes even less time.

Works with what you have in place

If you’re already using a partial document management system, adding in an enterprise file sync and share solution is easy. It will speed up workflow and reduce bottlenecking at key points. The fewer times files are copied and pasted, the fewer chances that a missing attachment can throw a wrench into your workflow.

An enterprise file sync and share solution streamlines your workflow. Reduce bottlenecks, have instant control over permissions, and extend your current system easily. Enterprise file sync gives you more control over key files in your business.