Enterprise Document Scanning Solutions That Save You Money

Enterprise Document Scanning Solutions That Save You Money
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Enterprise Document Scanning Solutions That Save You Money

Enterprise document scanning may strike you as a huge undertaking. After all, the thought of turning your cabinets full of paper documents into electronic files sounds laborious and overwhelming. However, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and software, choosing a document scanning solution is an excellent financial decision. Say goodbye to countless hours of document management. While the startup takes some effort, a document scanning solution boosts your business from the start. Here are some solutions that reap rewards.

Utilizing Current Equipment

Enterprise document scanning used to be expensive because it required costly new equipment. Now, however, office house an increasing number of scanners in different forms. In fact, your photocopier likely contains all the software you need to begin implementing scanning solutions. Your team can scan documents into any Kofax or TWAIN-compatible scanner, and the files will initiate workflow automatically within MaxxVault’s system.

Automatic Indexing

Scanning documents into a system simply isn’t enough. No enterprise document scanning solution could boast efficiency or financial boosts if the files entered the system without clear destinations and usability. With MaxxVault’s automatic indexing features, your scanned documents enter your document storage after being scanned for keywords and other indicators. In this way, the system catalogs and indexes your documents to prepare them for retrieval. Your scanned data is not a file full of thousands of random documents. Instead, each scanned page enters a fully searchable, highly secure database and is ready to use as needed. Imagine the time you will save when all you require to find a document is a keyword. The change is dramatic and immediate.

Printer Spool and Fax Capture

Not every paper document you want to capture is sitting in your filing cabinets. In fact, some of them may not even be in your office yet. Enterprise document scanning solutions don’t end when the drawers are empty. MaxxVault scanning software can be programmed to continually capture data from your printer, fax machine, and copier. In this way, even as you manage paper documents, you move closer to a paperless office.

Other Capture Options

While scanning is often the first step a company takes into electronic document management, there are other ways your organization can capture data. MaxxVault provides software that will capture files from email, your desktop, and network files. You will be amazed at the ease with which your scattered and diverse documents become an orderly, searchable database.

Enterprise document scanning solutions aren’t new, but they are better, faster, and more effective than ever before. By implementing these and other capture tools, companies will see a shift in their team members priorities and time. With more focused time on pressing projects, the natural outcome is savings in your bottom line. Interested in learning more? Visit MaxxVault today and contact us to learn more about your scanning options.