Encouraging Adoption of Workflow Automation

Encouraging Adoption of Workflow Automation
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Encouraging Adoption of Workflow Automation

Automating your company’s workflow brings countless benefits to your business. Efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profits all rise when you streamline your communication and internal processes. However, you can’t begin to reap these rewards until you have fully integrated workflow automation into your daily routine. This is often a sticking point for companies who are adopting workflow systems. Selling the new structure to your team may be the most difficult part of the entire process. With that in mind, here are three ways to encourage your staff to embrace workflow automation.

Communicate Workflow Automation Benefits for Individuals

When speaking about new technology, it can be tempting to speak in generalizations. You will hear company leadership speaking about “increased profit margins” and “optimizing processes.” While these descriptions are true, they are not likely to inspire individual staff members to embrace the new software. To remedy this disconnection, take the time to meet with leadership in each department and describe the specific ways that workflow automation will make their job easier and more successful. If possible, give individual departments demonstrations of the software. For example, show your accounting team how the system streamlines the reconciliation process. Once your employees experience the usefulness of the workflow platform for them personally, they become invested in its success.

Choose Adoption Ambassadors

Research shows that social influence plays a large role in technology adoption. In the case of company-wide software implementation, this phenomenon can help or hurt you. For this reason, it is wise to get out in front of the change and choose non-managerial ambassadors to assist with the transition. Adoption ambassadors should be well-liked and have both positive attitudes and high aptitude for technology. These individuals receive early training in the workflow automation system, including information on its benefits and capabilities. Once your ambassadors are comfortable and familiar with the new software, they are ready to take what they know to the rest of the company. The positivity and enthusiasm the early trainees show for the software will significantly impact the broader company attitudes toward the change.

Facilitate Good Training Conditions

For new software to be successful, your team must feel that they have appropriate organizational and technological support. This means not only providing regular training on your workflow automation platform, but also clear and available lines of communication. This gives management the opportunity to address any anxieties about the new system. Additionally, regular and open communication from management invites team members who are resistant to voice their reluctance and have their concerns addressed. The more competent your staff feels using the new software, the more likely they are to embrace it completely. Offering plenty of resources and tools to ensure their comfort will reap rewards.

Ultimately, implementing new software requires you to overcome a variety of obstacles. Computer anxiety, concern about compatibility, inability to see the need for new tools – research shows that all of these reasons (and more) keep people from adopting new technology. If you want to ensure that your team embraces your new workflow automation system, follow these important steps to get them on board. Interested in learning more about training your staff to ensure 100% adoption? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.