Eliminate Paper Problems with a Document Management System

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Eliminate Paper Problems with a Document Management System

Paper has been around for thousands of years. It is currently a 100 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. But unfortunately, with paper comes a myriad of problems: supply costs, storage, retrieval, backup, and more. This is where a document management system comes in. A document management system is a modern, efficient, cost-effective solution to paper problems. Here are four problems document services can eliminate for your organization.

Document Storage

One definite downside to paper is that it takes up space. If your patient or client records are not yet digitized, you know from experience that this is true. The amount of space required for the files of an average organization easily takes up more office space than all the employees put together. Additionally, paper records become a security risk when keys are misplaced, files aren’t returned to their proper home, or documents leave the office. A document management system removes the need for paper storage space. Choosing a digital platform requires no office space whatsoever and includes built-in security. This way, you can reclaim your space along with your security and sanity.

Paper Costs

Paper costs include so much more than the cost of the actual paper. Storage cost is just the beginning. You must also include payment for hours spent sorting, filing, and retrieving documents. Also consider delays due to misplaced paperwork. Finally, don’t forget the cost of copies, office supplies, and paper disposal. By moving to a document management system, you can dramatically reduce your paper budget by collecting all your essential information in a secure digital space.

Search and Find

We’ve briefly touched on the time and energy you will save by digitizing your documents. It’s important to note that no paper system is good enough to avoid the pitfalls of human error. Because of the nature of paper, files go missing, documents are lost, and time is wasted. Alternatively, a document management system provides immediate organization. Find files, and all other related information, with a keyword and a mouse click. This advantage alone makes digitizing your paper documents worthwhile.


The workforce isn’t sitting at desks anymore or working from 9 to 5. Mobility is the name of the game, and your company needs to be ready. By utilizing a document management system, you not only become more efficient, you also provide your employees with the tools they need to be successful. A web-based storage system will allow your staff to access critical documents when and where they need them. This increases security, by preventing your staff from losing files they carry with them, and also reduces stress. No more forgetting what you need for a meeting. It’s all in the cloud.

Paper problems are real, and they are ruthless. Content management systems tackle these problems with ease. Your company can reclaim money and time, become more efficient, and work from all over the world with just a click. If you want to learn more about document management systems and how they can work for you, contact MaxxVault today.