How Electronic Document Management Speeds the Onboarding Process

How Electronic Document Management Speeds the Onboarding Process
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How Electronic Document Management Speeds the Onboarding Process



Dealing with paperwork can be a huge time suck for a business. Worst of all, it often costs a lot of money in terms of both paper and ink. A good way to cut costs is investing in an Electronic Document Management system. One feature of EDM is that helps to speed up the onboarding process for your company. It also makes it possible to eliminate various paper processes. Moreover, it helps you to staff your firm more effectively and eliminate manual data entry. It also helps you eliminate the need to use paper documents while looking for great candidates to join your company.

Streamlines the Onboarding Process

By using electronic document management or EDM as a part of the onboarding process, you can create as many electronic forms as you would like. Moreover, using these electronic forms helps you provide your clients with greater satisfaction. This is mostly due to their ability to use them to automatically fill in the different fields. These fields can be filled with either the job data or the job candidate data, and help find the right person for an open position.

Equally important, this onboarding process is completely secure. You never need to worry about stolen data or information. With EDM, the job candidate or client can complete and sign the online forms and documents electronically. It also helps when verifying that the paperwork has been received and legitimized. Using EDM along with your onboarding system, you can  track all of the documents you create and send out. You’ll never miss a paper or form again. The electronic system tracks it all, allowing you to keep tabs on all of the documents that you’ve sent out to clients or job candidates.

Ease of Use for Candidates

As the employer and owner of this electronic document management system, you obviously benefit and enjoy a great experience. In addition to this, your job candidates also benefit. For example, they can access the onboarding portal in order to sign and submit their electronic paperwork for verification. While there, the EDM reminds them of any incomplete documents or forms that still need signing. Lastly, you can establish a due date to ensure that all of the paperwork is sent in on time.

Improving the Client Experience

If you have clients that need to hire new employees, EDM helps them enjoy the onboarding process better, making it more likely that they will be pleased with the process. Some benefits include the ability to secure the data of their employees and using e-verify in order perform a background check on job candidates. Best of all, they save time and money by hiring new people and much faster.

Electronic documents are the wave of the future for the business world. Instead of waiting days and weeks to receive paperwork for clients or job candidates, you can have those completed and signed documents within minutes or hours. Any company in the business world will be able to save money and time from this useful system. They’ll also be able to verify the paperwork from job candidates much quicker and make sure that they have the most qualified people applying for open positions.