How Electronic Document Management Saves You From Multitasking

How Electronic Document Management Saves You From Multitasking
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How Electronic Document Management Saves You From Multitasking

The business world is fast-paced and relentless. If you want to rise to the top, multitasking quickly becomes a way of life. However, as you do many things at once, you divide your attention. It becomes easier to make mistakes or neglect details. Ideally, you need software that acts as a sort of second brain, keeping all the plates spinning as you give your focus to one at a time. Electronic document management is ideal for this purpose, giving you the freedom to hone in on one task with the assurance that everything else will continue as planned. Here are four specific ways that electronic document management allows you to quit splitting your time.

Workflow Capability

With automated workflows in place, there is no guessing required. Every team member knows their current responsibilities and deadlines. As you work, quickly access your queue and check the status of any projects. Work on what matters now. The ability to automate project progress frees you from wondering if you are responsible for the next steps.

Security and Compliance

Government regulations and compliance are huge hang-ups in many industries. Frequently, you lose time sorting through paperwork and tracking data instead of spending it on more relevant tasks. With electronic document management, you meet requirements automatically. With little to no work on your part, your files are compliant and audit-ready. Document storage is secure and retention protocols are built-in, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus and work efficiently.

Up-to-Date Versioning and File Tracking

Hand-in-hand with regulatory compliance, your electronic document management system tracks every file and keeps a record of its progress. This means that you will not waste any time looking for the latest version of a document or wondering who last edited a file. When you need access to any file in your system, you can guarantee it is the most up-to-date version. Additionally, when you save a new or edited file, it immediately syncs to all users, regardless of location.


The mobile nature of business is one of the primary reasons for multitasking. We complete tasks on our way to meetings, at the airport, over breakfast, and late at night. Because business never sleeps, our to-do list never does either. In order to ensure your complete focus on the task at hand, electronic document management gives you what you need, when you need it, wherever you are. No need to plan ahead for the work you’ll do this evening. You are fully connected and in-touch with your projects and team members at all times. This allows you to be fully present at a moment’s notice, making you efficient, effective, and engaged.

Multitasking appears to be a great skill, but in reality, it often results in lower quality results. Let electronic document management give you space to focus. By using the document system to automate your workflow, compliance, versioning, and access, you gain the freedom to narrow your attention and get the job done. Interested to hear more? Contact MaxxVault today to learn more about the document management solutions we offer.