EDMS Software and How It Works for You

EDMS Software and How It Works for You
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EDMS Software and How It Works for You

Managing your company’s documents and files is the first step in creating an efficient and productive workplace. Most industries deal with countless diverse documents and need the tools to effectively and securely manage them. In these scenarios, EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) software is the toolbox you are looking for. When you employ EDMS software, you gain the ability to reliably create, modify, share, and dispose of files of all types. In short, your document software works for you.

Index All Files, Regardless of Format

Regardless of your current document system, it is likely your employees know the frustration of looking for a file and not finding it. Without a master index for your company documents, no one will have ready access to all of the information they need. EDMS software automatically indexes your files, regardless of format. This includes scanning every file that comes in and storing it with tags according to your personalized specifications. Ultimately, EDMS storage allows your team to find any file they need in seconds through a simple search.

Automate Document Lifecycles

Storing documents is rarely enough. As time passes, your document repository becomes full of files in all different stages of their life cycles. With EDMS software, you outsource the maintenance of those patterns and allow the system to do the work for you. Each EDMS platform can be programmed to store, archive, and delete files of a certain age or specification. Additionally, the newest version of any saved file is considered the authoritative copy while older versions are held for auditing purposes.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Security

Many industries must retain especially rigorous document protocols due to legal regulations and standards. Even if your industry does not require regulatory compliance, you have proprietary information that you want to keep secure. EDMS software includes file-level encryption which keeps your documents safe from prying eyes. The system also requires login credentials for every user. Each user’s credentials allow them access only to the files which they require through individualized permissions. Through using an electronic document management system, you ensure that your data is safe.

Encourage Effective Collaboration

Today’s business challenges are unique. Most business communication occurs online. In fact, even many employees have virtual relationships with the company they work for. EDMS software offers a variety of tools engineered to overcome the challenges that arise from remote work relationships. As business changes, teamwork must adapt. Real-time chat, automated workflow, face-to-face video conferencing, and simultaneous file access are just a few of the advantages of collaboration through EDMS platforms.

EDMS software offers real advantages for companies in every industry. Whether your challenges are in storage, collaboration, or security, EDMS provides solutions. Interested to learn more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information about EDMS and how it works for you.