EDMS Funnels Cash to Your Bottom Line

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EDMS Funnels Cash to Your Bottom Line

EDMS improves your profit margin with every inefficiency it erases. Enterprise document management software is built to automate your workflow processes. This helps you stay on top of costs, avoid delays and complications, and funnel more cash directly to your bottom line.


1. Cut supplies

For the cost of printer ink, you may as well fill your printer with gold leaf. Printing unnecessary documents adds a huge expense to your office budget. Multiply that across multiple locations and you’ve got a huge overhead cost that you don’t have to foot the bill for.

You’re always going to need to have printers, ink, and paper. It’s tough to imagine an advance in technology so powerful that you never have to physically write something down. A good EDMS will step up and fill in the gaps where you don’t absolutely have to have it written down. Document capture will ensure that what you do need a printed copy of will be easy to add back into the system; no need to photocopy, fax, and print a handwritten document or filled in form again.

2. Recoup wasted time

How many hours a day do you or your employees perform low value tasks? These are relatively simple, often short tasks that don’t seem as though they take much time. Filing physical papers, for example. It only takes a few minutes to locate a file (in a small, properly sorted filing system). When you have to pull thirty or forty files a day, however, you find yourself dealing with a few hours of wasted “file retrieval” time. Enterprise document management software can eliminate those wasted hours. Instead of spending your time doing the low value task of finding files, you can put that time towards your actual job. You could fit more orders in a day, with less fatigue.

3. Eliminate missed deadlines and rush orders

Most deadlines aren’t missed due to any grave, glaring error by one person. Usually, deadlines creep up on people. Paperwork gets shuffled around, an emergency arises, and things that used to be absolutely important start to drift to the back of your mind. Someone was supposed to pass the file to someone else, and they forgot, and the small, human mistakes pile up into a big disaster. Even the hardest working crew will occasionally make these mistakes. Enterprise document management software won’t. Moreover, it can automate repetitive portions of the workflow. As soon as someone is done with something they can send it on to the next person. Masks can assign values (include due dates) to each file or project in the system. Everyone is on the same page about when their due date–and the due date of the project–is.

In summary, EDMS funnels cash right to your bottom line. You can trim out the money-sucks in your office. Use fewer office supplies, and cut out all the time you have to spend hunting for physical files. You can even cut down on the missed deadlines and sudden rushes that sap morale with EDMS.