How Enterprise Content Management Affects Sales

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How Enterprise Content Management Affects Sales

Enterprise content management and improved sales, often go hand in hand. As you will see, a good enterprise content management system helps smooth the sales process.  Moreover, your sales experts will be able to access content that aids the process without breaking the flow of their workday. Your business implements tried and true methods for a reason. Now is the time to make sure everyone can access them.

Gain or lose repeat business

Repeat business is often ignored in the business world. It’s true that finding and capturing new leads is the only way to grow a business However, repeat business sustains you through short sales months. If new leads are the roots, then questing for resources for your business and repeat customers are the trunk. Without them, your business would collapse. ECM makes it easy to keep repeat customers in your corner.

Enterprise content management makes accessing all the information about an account quick and easy. First of all, if you have one employee out for the day, anyone on your team can take over and help the customer right away. At the same time, this also breaks up the occasionally intense relationship that can form between one employee and one client. When everyone can step in and handle an account, it allows you to take the steps that need to happen in the moment—not when so-and-so gets back from vacation. Secondly, enterprise content management ensures your sales team won’t get sloppy when they’re dealing with a “sure thing” sale.

Sales content management and EDMS work together

Searching through documents with a click of a button is essential for the fast-paced sales world. Furthermore, integrating your enterprise content management and your document management systems gives your sales force the power they need. Search functions will allow your sales team to find documents easily, as long as they’re integrated into your greater document management system. This cuts down on the work load of each sales team member. Some sources estimate almost a third of sales work is actually paper work. For instance, finding forms, completing forms, and filing forms could be eating a third of your sales force’s productivity. In addition, they can manage their sales content effectively within the same program. Switching between programs to get basic tasks done slows down the entire process.

Enterprise content management allows for refinement

While you think you’re implementing best practices for your industry, without enterprise content management you can never be sure. Enterprise content management keeps everyone on your team on the same page. You can track the progress of clients or projects through the content document system. Is there somewhere that you tend to lose clients? Is there a document or a practice that’s the weakest link in your sales chain? Enterprise content management allows you to focus on refining your goals and your process. Constant evaluation is the only way to stay competitive in a shifting sales environment.

Enterprise content management and sales work best when they work together. The right content management system is a powerhouse that will be a powerful tool for the job. Your sales team will be able to search their own sales content to find the information to make a difference in the moment. Most importantly, your unified information system will allow any sales team member to respond to a crisis, allowing you to keep your clients with the company, not a single sales representative.