Easy Ways to Reduce Paper Use in Your Office

Easy Ways to Reduce Paper Use in Your Office
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Easy Ways to Reduce Paper Use in Your Office

The idea of moving away from hard copies makes many office workers nervous. Can an organization really survive without paper? Realistically, a paperless office is both possible and necessary for growth and efficiency. While getting rid of all your paper tomorrow is impossible, here are some easy ways to reduce paper use in your office and move toward a paper-free space.

Look for the Piles

Each office has its own unique paper challenges. The first step to reducing paper use in your organization is to look for the areas where paper piles up. If your printers and copiers frequently make mistakes, getting newer equipment is a possible solution. Or if memos and other company-wide notices arrive in bulk on a daily basis, perhaps it is time to move to digital communication throughout the office. The best way to face paper challenges is to identify your particularly glaring needs and address those first.

Document Scanning

A document scanner is a great first step toward turning your piles of paper into organized, accessible records. By keeping a connected document scanner on hand, you enable your staff to turn any important document into an electronic file. Then you save, send, or edit that file as necessary. This tool also allows you to transform into a paperless office at your own pace, scanning documents and files when the opportunity arises and in order of priority. The scanned papers can be disposed of and your desk becomes reclaimed space.

Electronic Billing

One of the largest paper consumers in any business is accounts payable. Countless requests, invoices, purchase orders, and receipts come in and out of their office. By investing in billing and payment software, your company gains efficiency, accuracy, and reliability while also reducing paper use. In this way, you provide your clients, vendors, and employees with a better experience.

Client Portals

Maintaining a system where your clients, patients, or vendors contact you through electronic means drastically reduces the paper your company requires. A software platform that allows you to receive orders, requests, and other communications relieves the need to maintain paper forms and copies. Furthermore, a system with built-in record keeping integrates your departments and keeps your response time quick. These electronic platforms support web-based forms, email, efax, and countless other forms of business communication.

A paperless office puts you closer to the future of business. With that said, going paper-free isn’t an overnight transformation. By implementing small changes, such as electronic communication and billing, you move your company toward the goal of paperless business. If you are interested in paper-free document solutions, look no further than MaxxVault. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you with your digital transformation.