Enterprise Information Management and Non-Profits

Enterprise Information Management and Non-Profits
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Enterprise Information Management and Non-Profits

Enterprise Information Management is the organizational acquisition of data into an all-encompassing system. The user will be more efficient, productive, and have ease of information sharing by using the new system. As a non-profit, you might not envision needing a complex Enterprise Information Management system, but you might be surprised by the benefits you could gain.

Document Management Needs and Benefits of Enterprise Information Management

Does your current system of file cabinets, accordion folders, and outdated software systems fulfill your non-profit needs? Most likely the answer is no. Moreover, you probably find yourself wasting valuable time with an inefficient content management system. Thankfully, you can solve both issues by purchasing an Enterprise Information Management system for non-profits.

Integration of Data

What are the benefits of an Enterprise Information Management systems for non-profits? The first benefit of Enterprise Information Management for non-profits is the integration of data. As a non-profit, you likely have documents in all different formats including e-mail, video, volunteer records, fundraiser documents, donor listings, and more. Furthermore, with an Enterprise Information Management system, you can merge all the different data sources into one system. Within the Enterprise Information Management system, these various sources of data can now “work” together; without being in different software programs that don’t “talk” to each other.

Quality of Data

The second benefit of Enterprise Information Management for non-profits is the quality of data. Specifically, you will see improved accuracy and consistency of the data distributed to media outlets, donors, and the IRS with this system. In turn, this aids in transparency and cut the potential for mismanagement of funds or IRS audits.

Efficiency of Processes

The third benefit of Enterprise Information Management for non-profits is the efficiency of processes. As you use the system, you will discover an increase in these processes, throughout your working systems. Furthermore, by having all forms of information in a central repository, you will see a reduction in time spent trying to find, link, and analyze data. Consequently, what used to take a user a week to find can now be found by a user within minutes. In addition, being in a cloud-based system, the user can search for information from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device while in the office or on vacation.

Security of Information

Lastly, the fourth benefit of Enterprise Information Management for non-profits is the security of data. By placing all your content into a secure cloud-based system, you can add layers of protection. In short, these layers of protection far exceed what is available through a physical based storage solution system. Furthermore, with this system, you can grant specific people and/or groups of people exclusive access to information. Additionally, particular people or groups of people can have different levels of access based upon security levels. A volunteer might have access to the phone numbers of donors to contact them for an upcoming fundraiser event, but the social security numbers, credit card type, and earlier donation amounts would only be available to the Director of the non-profit.

MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management

If you are a non-profit organization and searching for ways to enhance your document management, then look no further than MaxxVault for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining organizational records’ security. The MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management for a non-profit organization is ideal for you. It provides enhanced accessibility, efficiencies, and security.

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Enterprise Information Management for your non-profit organization is not complicated. However, if you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your document management, contact MaxxVault. MaxxVault is an experienced industry leader. To get your non-profit started, call us today at (631) 446-4800.