County Government: How a Tax Collector Benefits from Enterprise Information Management

County Government: How a Tax Collector Benefits from Enterprise Information Management
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County Government: How a Tax Collector Benefits from Enterprise Information Management

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As a Tax Collector for a local county government, you have the responsibility of collecting local sales and property taxes. These taxes are collected from county residents. If you work for a population dense county, this undertaking is likely complex and time-consuming. Even if you work for a less populated county, accuracy and ease of finding documentation are going to be vital to providing a good service to your community and government office. Could you benefit from an Enterprise Information Management system? Definitely.

Let’s explore what you could be facing as a Tax Collector without an Enterprise Information Management system. Are you still using file cabinets and unintegrated computer software? If you are, it undoubtedly takes you additional time to find records. In addition, you probably face struggles with software systems that are not capable of linking customers, who have purchased new vehicles, with their previous year’s personal property taxes without adding information into two systems. As a result, this duplication of entries is resulting in double the workload for you. With a non-integrated software system, you are wasting time and being inefficient. What can you do?

Enterprise Information Management

You can purchase an Enterprise Information Management system to increase time management, efficiency, and improve integration of information. In addition, by putting your tax records in a cloud-based system, you will be able to access the information when you are away from your office and your desktop computer. As people become more mobile, you will find more times that you will be away from your desk, but still conducting business.

Record Keeping

How can Enterprise Information Management assist with your record keeping? When situations arise where you need to contact a specific person, you will be able to document their information including their contact numbers and any actions you have completed into one system. In addition, you can keep open any pending actions, what the taxpayer needs to complete, and what documentation the taxpayer needs to forward to your office to close the case. Then once all actions are completed, you can close the case. What types of records could you keep that would help you save time and be more efficient? Underpayment of taxes. Addresses of people who have moved out of the county. New residents. You can also keep track of actions that you need to complete: refund amounts for those who have overpaid and questions you have for the county assessors.

Storage Space

Enterprise Information Management can help with storage space. By incorporating all your data storage into a cloud based storage system, you can reduce your need for space. You will need less office space for desktop computers as you can use more mobile devices to access your information. In addition, you will not need as much storage space as the materials that used to be housed in file cabinets will now be in a software system. In times where, leasing office space can be a huge expense for the county, this reduction in storage space requirements can help save the county money.


With an Enterprise Information Management system, you can keep your data secure with access limited to only those working in your office. With added security, some records could be set to only be accessed by you or the county assessor. This level of security can’t be found in a file cabinet. Not to mention, with an Enterprise Information Management system, you can monitor who enters data, when, and who makes modifications to the data. This is a huge benefit when dealing with people’s hard-earned money.

MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management

In conclusion, if you are a tax collector and searching for ways to enhance your document management, then look no further than MaxxVault for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your tax records. The MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management for a county government is ideal for providing increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security.

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Enterprise Information Management for county government does not have to be complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your document management, contact MaxxVault. MaxxVault is an experienced industry leader. To get started with Enterprise Information Management for county government, call (631) 446-4800.