Document Storage Systems for the Transportation Industry

Document Storage Systems for the Transportation Industry
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Document Storage Systems for the Transportation Industry

As anyone in transportation and logistics can tell you, the industry’s paper usage is astronomical. In fact, many transportation companies have entire rooms dedicated to paper storage. Owners feel this in their wallets, as the extra square footage, maintenance, and paper supplies cost the company considerably. Transportation employees face other challenges, as managing paperwork requires time and can take valuable hours away from higher-priority work. Transportation is a competitive industry facing rising costs, long-distance client relationships, and time-driven business. Therefore, to meet these challenges and succeed, businesses must embrace document storage systems that are as simple and effective as their problems are complex.

Electronic Records

The first step in creating a system that increases your access and lowers costs is keeping electronic records. Store your invoices, contracts, order forms, packing slips, and other business documents through electronic document storage systems. These systems automatically index files, making them easily searchable and allowing employees immediate access to any information they require. Additionally, document storage systems create automatic backups of all files to ensure security.

Scanning Solutions

While electronic document storage is an excellent solution moving forward, your transportation company needs solutions for the paper documents you currently store. Also, your company will still experience an influx of paper even after transitioning to an electronic system internally. For these scenarios, document storage systems include scanning solutions. Every paper document you process can also be added to your electronic records using software that is frequently compatible with devices your company already owns. In this way, every paper document becomes immediately accessible and gains all of the benefits of electronic records.

Back Office Efficiency

Automated workflow makes all the difference in an efficiency-driven industry like transportation. For example, tracking, proof of delivery, inspection reports, claim forms, receipts, and purchase orders can all be set to send and update automatically. Allowing the system to automate these daily tasks frees your staff to do higher level work, like ensuring customer satisfaction and monitoring business processes. MaxxVault’s document storage systems integrate seamlessly with your current back office software, meaning your staff accesses all this workflow and more within the applications they already know.

Transportation and logistics companies are faced with rising demands as both shipping rates and customer expectations rise. Because of these increasing requirements, your business needs the tools to boost efficiency, lower costs, and maintain customer satisfaction. MaxxVault document storage systems equip your team to manage massive amounts of paperwork in simple, accessible, and successful ways. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.