Identifying Your Document Storage Needs

Identifying Your Document Storage Needs
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Identifying Your Document Storage Needs

Choosing a document management platform requires companies to assess their document storage needs. This includes taking stock of the number of files you want to store. Additionally, you must consider how you want to use the documents you save. As you make this assessment, you gain a clearer picture of the type of document management platform you need. Identifying your document storage needs is a simple process. Here are three areas of document management to consider.


As mentioned above, the quantity of documents you need to store is a vital part of your document storage plan. Incredibly, you will see filing cabinets full of documents stored in minimal space online. Once you have digitized your documents, you gain the advantages of increased access, less physical storage, and greater document continuity.

To get a clear idea of how much digital storage you require, consider the amount of physical storage you currently have, your projected growth, and the number of employees who will use the new system. Additionally, consider files that take up more space than documents, such as images, and a full system backup. Once you have these numbers, take them to a document storage specialist (like those at MaxxVault) to get an estimate of your required storage space. And remember, it’s better to err on the side of a little too much storage than not enough.


Security is another important consideration as you map your document storage needs. Take note of the different levels of security you require for your documents, with everything from the highest security measures (for compliance or financial data) to low priority public documents. As you get a sense for how much of your data falls in each category, you can begin shopping for the appropriate document management platform. Many document management systems offer file-level encryption as well as individual user credentials. Also, most providers have options to store and secure your data according to various industry regulations.


Finally, consider your company’s requirements for mobile access to documents and data. If you expect many of your team members to do business while traveling or from home, these are essential factors in your document management choices. Document storage platforms offer a wide variety of access options. Some have native mobile apps, access via browser, and remote log-in.

Identifying your company’s document storage needs requires a thorough and thoughtful look at your company’s current data situation and the way you team regularly uses that data. Once you have accounted for the quantity, security, and mobility you need, you are equipped to choose the best document management company for your organization. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information regarding document storage and how to assess your needs.