How Document Management Systems Are Perfect for a Multi-Generation Office

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How Document Management Systems Are Perfect for a Multi-Generation Office

Document management systems are a great solution for a multi-generation office. Getting your whole team on one system bridges the technology gap between generations. You only have to provide one training session, everyone can get together over one medium to collaborate and talk, and technological preferences don’t interfere with you running a business.

There the typical stereotype of Millennials, is that they are changing the way offices run. They always seem on the cutting edge of technological advancement, and continue to stay part of the up and coming world of technology. On the other hand, workers of older generations are seen as being technologically incompetent. They need remedial lessons in basic technology and struggle to keep up with a fast paced, paperless office.

However, the right document management system allows you to meet your workers where they are. Putting together one training program saves you time and enables you to bring all of your workers onto a standard system. The benefits of that carry over to the rest of your work load.

One medium of collaboration

Getting your employees on the same page is key. A multi-generational office needs to have a central means of communication to keep everyone on the same page. One of the most common issues with bringing Millennials into the workplace is a conflict of culture. The older generation is typically too slow. They work on paper, they work through email, and they lack the instant collaboration and makes the workplace flow.

On the other hand, the Millennial generation tends to be too informal. Their attempts to collaborate quickly can turn into working outside of approved outlines. Files shared over instant messenger, for example, are not considered secure. Putting one medium of collaboration into place bring the responsibility and the spontaneity of communication styles together into one.

Using document management systems to keep everyone on the same page solves both problems. Moreover, it brings you the best of both worlds. While Millennials often communicate quickly, it allows your older employees to communicate with nuance and finesse.

No preferences

Bringing document management systems into the workplace also prevents your employees from giving into whims. Many programs out there help aid productivity; the one you use depends on your needs. The difference between these comprehensive document management systems, often depends on preference. Just like some people prefer Macs and some prefer PCs, these lesser programs can be divided as much by style as by function.

When you don’t have comprehensive document management systems in place, your employees work on the whims of their office. This can be grounds for arguments, miscommunication, and unhappiness. With a document management system you nip these arguments in the bud. Everyone works with the system in place, and there’s no room to argue for personal preferences.

Multi-generation offices run best with document management systems in place. It allows employees to collaborate quickly and easily. Personal preference doesn’t come into play on what system you’ll use. You also won’t have to worry about training your employees differently; everyone can take the same training and wind up in the same place.