Document Management Systems Improve Customer Service

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Document Management Systems Improve Customer Service

Document management systems improve customer service for companies in all industries. From small to large companies, implementing DMS significantly boosts your employees’ interactions with customers. Cumbersome systems frustrate employees and customers alike, but investing in DMS improves the systems that employees use to serve customers. If your goal is to automate tasks and improve efficiency, consider how DMS improves customer service.

Improve Customer Service Through Efficiency

It is difficult to overstate the importance of an efficient system. Document management systems improve customer service through greater organization. With organized systems, employees find files effortlessly, scan and arrange documents easily and recall information quickly for customers. DMS helps employees manage workloads efficiently and to deliver personalized customer service. So how does the software work?

First, employees either, save electronic documents or scan paper documents into the system. OCR (optical character recognition) automatically indexes handwritten documents without data entry. Then, employees organize the documents according to company procedures. When needing a document, employees perform searches by keyword. DMS puts the right information in front of the employee responsible for answering customer inquiries. Keyword searches quickly pull up the right document every time even misfiled documents. Easy searches help employees respond to inquiries faster and provide more information that is valuable for customers.

A good document management software provider studies your business processes to see how automating tasks enhances productivity. Understanding how your business captures, transforms, and manages information enables the provider to optimize the system for your unique business. Employees then work more efficiently, eliminating wasteful and redundant tasks in order to improve customer service.

Streamline Workflow

Document management software automates workflow, which results in better customer service. Automated workflow puts the right document in the right queue more efficiently than paper-based systems. DMS also color-codes and assigns priority levels to workflows depending on your needs. Customer service representatives begin workflows automatically in response to customer inquiries, resulting in quicker resolutions. Employees even update customers on the status of their inquiries in real-time with workflow transparency.

Let’s look at a quick example to see how DMS works in the real world. Universities often integrate a mix of electronic and paper based systems to create a student file. These files include transcripts, recommendation letters, and test scores. If these items are stored separately, it can take days to weeks for the right people to copy and mail a file in response to a student request.However, a school that implements document management software, indexes the documents with a student ID number.Whenever a student requests their file, employees easily access the required documents and email them within minutes; completing the process while the student is still on the telephone. That’s a huge improvement in customer service for the school!

In conclusion, document management systems improve customer service for businesses in various industries. Increased efficiency and streamlined workflows result in better-quality customer service. Improved customer service results in greater customer loyalty and company goodwill so your business can keep doing what it does best. Contact MaxxVault today to find the best document management solutions for your company.