Document Management Solutions for Human Resources

Document Management Solutions for Human Resources
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Document Management Solutions for Human Resources

Fast moving industries are making the switch to document management software, including human resources. Whether your business is large or small, document management solutions for human resources provide a scalable solution to help you streamline your business. If your goal is to assist hiring and employing the best people for your company, take a look at how DMS benefits your business.

Document Organization

Human resource departments are paper-intensive. Applications, background checks, benefit packages, and more create a large file to organize. DMS captures these documents automatically, reducing the amount of data entry for your employees. A resume, interview correspondence, and job application can take 4-5 minutes to enter manually. Background checks, entering W-4 and I-9 forms can take 5-6 minutes to enter. Nevertheless, with DMS, you capture these documents from an input device and save minutes of data entry for each employee. Moreover, documents are searchable, so retrieving information is quick and easy. These documents also integrate with HRIS software and other programs your employees are already using, making it user friendly.


Human resources departments also need to manage employee files securely. With DMS, you can store employee files in digital folders that maintain confidentiality. Define access to secure files so that only authorized users see confidential records. In addition, when an audit is due, you can easily find key documents like medical records and I-9s. DMS also helps you remain compliant with government regulations like HIPAA and ADA.


Assign workflow automatically with document management software for HR. Quickly process new hires from application to onboarding with automatic workflow settings, as basic or as detailed as you want. Additionally, transparent workflows ensure that managers can see where a document is in the process at any time and easily identify any document that is missing. Set separate workflows for interviewing, onboarding and even employee separation or retirement as your business requires.

Other Benefits

Document management solutions for human resources offer a number of other benefits like:

  • Mobile and Cloud Solutions – Web-based solutions allow users to access the system from anywhere via laptop, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.
  • Employee Solutions – DMS allows employees to access personal documents through the portal instead of through HR personnel.

In conclusion, document management solutions for human resources exist to help you streamline HR documents from initial interview to final separation. Document organization, security, workflow and more become a snap with DMS. MaxxVault provides the best document management software. Contact us today to find scalable, cutting-edge solutions for your HR department.