Document Management Solutions for Auto Dealerships

Document Management Solutions for Auto Dealerships
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Document Management Solutions for Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships rely heavily on local business and repeat customers. For this reason, the industry focuses significant resources on the customer experience. To ensure success, many retailers depend on document management solutions for auto dealerships. The benefits of document management software extend to every facet of an automotive business. Here are three of the areas in which document services make an operational difference.


When an auto salesman approaches customers on the lot, he is faced with a significant challenge. Unless these customers are frequent visitors or acquaintances, the salesman has the responsibility to establish a rapport and an excellent customer experience. While training and ability go a long way, the appropriate technology and tools are also essential to sales success. Document management solutions for auto dealerships allow salesmen to have all the information they need to connect with customers on the mobile device in their pockets. Interest rates, model specifications, current deals, and more are at their fingertips. Customers will have confidence that they are in knowledgeable and capable hands.


The financial department of an auto dealership generates massive amounts of paperwork. Additionally, finance officers regularly need to retrieve existing files for reference. Therefore, what the finance department really needs is an organized, efficient, and accessible system. Document management solutions for auto dealerships give just this sort of advantage. For instance, scan in your files and they are immediately indexed and available for reference. A simple search term brings up all related files and eliminates the delay of searching through stacks and cabinets of paper documents. Additionally, automation features allow for the creation of regular billing and other daily tasks to ensure no accounts are overlooked.

Parts and Service

Not all of an auto dealership’s business happens in the lot. In fact, the parts department sees far more customers on a daily basis. Also, the customer experience doesn’t end after a vehicle is purchased. The process of vehicle maintenance and service is a long-term customer relationship that requires care and intentional investment. For this reason, document management solutions for auto dealerships often impact the parts and service departments more than any other team. Desks in service departments are frequently overflowing with Invoices, order forms, requisitions, customer data, recalls, and countless other important papers. By switching to digital document management, a service team reclaims the time and effort it takes to maintain all that paper. Instead, inventory is stocked, bills are paid, and the team is focused on doing great work in a timely manner.

Many people think of document management systems as exclusive to office buildings or large corporations. In reality, some of the industries that benefit most from our services are smaller, independently owned service operations. Document management solutions for auto dealerships offer tools that benefit every department in the business. They get everyone on the same page and the whole team working together efficiently, increasing employee morale and customer satisfaction. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault for more information today.