Affording Document Management Software for Nonprofits

Affording Document Management Software for Nonprofits
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Affording Document Management Software for Nonprofits

Paper management is a costly business. Between the costs for paper, management (think equipment like printers and fax machines, ink, toner, postage, disposal and more) and storage, documents can eat away at a budget in very little time. Thankfully, organizations operating on a tight budget, such as nonprofits and NGOs, have options in the world of online document management. Affording document solutions has never been easier. Here are four ways that document management software for nonprofits can help you.

Paperless = Reduced Operational Costs

The first and immediate way that document management can help your nonprofit is by creating a paperless office. Paper is costly in so many ways. We mentioned earlier that paper goods and their management carry a big price tag. But that doesn’t include the price you pay in man-hours as you manually file, enter, sort, and retrieve the hundreds of forms, applications, and reports you handle every day. Imagine the other ways you could use those volunteer or employee hours. Document management software for nonprofits allows you to take your attention away from the rote daily tasks and put it back on your mission, where it belongs.

Scalable Options Mean You Only Pay for What You Need

Gone are the days when managing content meant buying a bloated system and picking and choosing what to use. Now, document management software is designed to be entirely scalable and customizable to your needs. Not only can you get exactly what you need right now, from functions to storage, but there is always room to grow. No need to pay for a huge system. Pay for precisely what will benefit your goals and nothing more.

Increased Efficiency Gives You the Time to Pursue More Funding

Everyone who has worked in the nonprofit world knows that job titles don’t mean much. Due to the limitations of funding and the small number of staff, you get creative and do whatever needs to be done. Therefore, it isn’t unusual to see the president or other leadership folding mailings and addressing postcards. While these are noble endeavors, they can easily distract from greater work that could be done. By implementing a document management system, your organization can automate those simple, daily tasks. Then you, from top leadership down to volunteers, are free to use your time to do more work on-mission, whether it be meeting with donors, writing grant proposals, or being feet on the ground.

Records Management Protects Both You and Your Donors

When donors entrust you with their donations, they expect a certain level of responsibility. This pertains to both how you spend the money and what you do with their personal information. Unfortunately, filing cabinets are not a particularly safe way to store sensitive information. Especially when your organization relies on volunteer work and has a steady stream of visitors in your office. Document management software for nonprofits offers cutting edge security without any hindrance in access for authorized persons. Keep your donors’ information safe as well as your organization secure from any legal action.

In nonprofit work, organizations must carefully weigh financial decisions. Working with limited resources means that sometimes the tools available are sub-par. This is no longer true for record and document management. Get the highest quality software at affordable prices thanks to document management software for nonprofits. Interested in learning more? MaxxVault has specific solutions for nonprofits. Contact us today!