Using Document Management Software for Human Resources

Using Document Management Software for Human Resources
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Using Document Management Software for Human Resources

Few departments handle as many documents and forms as human resources. For this reason, it isn’t unusual for HR to have the most document-related challenges. Document management systems are built to overcome many of the challenges faced by document-laden departments, and HR is no exception. Here are four ways to maximize document management software for human resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Human Resources officers are responsible for a significant amount of the regulatory compliance in a company. Every employee’s file must contain the correct documents, with regular maintenance to ensure that they are up to date and audit-ready. Document management software for human resources not only stores all of these essential documents in an organized and secure format, but it can also be directed to notify you when files need updates or attention.


You already have HR systems in place. Even if they are inefficient or disconnected, you don’t want to start over from scratch. With this in mind, document management systems integrate fully with any HR and HRIS platforms you currently use. All of your current files are safe and will migrate onto the new system without stress. Additionally, all paper files join the system via scanning services. Everything is in one place, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make it happen.

Paperless = Productive

Paper gets in the way. Somehow there’s far too much of it, but you also can’t find the one you need. A paperless office is an efficient one since its document storage is both accessible and secure. Daily HR tasks, like acquiring signatures, document review, and sorting files and forms, don’t have to take over. Document management software for human resources automates these tasks, generating workflow pathways to carry documents from one relevant individual to the next.

While ideally, an HR office could operate without the use of paper, it’s important to note that most are still utilizing hybrid systems, with both paper and digital formats in regular rotation. A digital document management system is up for this task as well, making scanning and regular access to documents that began as paper a straightforward task.


Employee HR documents are confidential, and it is imperative that they remain so. This means that document management software for human resources protects files with high-level encryption, both as they move through the system and in storage. Document access is also limited, with individual user credentials that give only the appropriate access to each user and tracks the files’ audit trail. Grant users temporary access and restrict printing or emailing according to your needs. In short, you set the security measures and the system enforces them.

A human resources department handles thousands of documents a year, with stringent legal regulations on the processes they follow. Completing these tasks manually is a time-consuming and often frustrating process. By using document management software for human resources, HR officers are free to focus on the bigger picture within your company, rather than drowning in the minutiae of daily maintenance. Looking for the best document solution for your HR department? Contact MaxxVault today to find the system that will work for you.