Using Document Management Software for Healthcare

Using Document Management Software for Healthcare
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Using Document Management Software for Healthcare

Document management software for healthcare provides a number of benefits for your organization by automating tasks and improving productivity. The industry has very specific requirements for confidentiality, patient record access, workflow distribution, and reporting. DMS software helps manage these needs efficiently and securely. Take a look at how you can implement DMS in your organization for improved document access and claims processing.

Document Access

Document management software for healthcare simplifies medical records. There is no need to copy a file multiple times in order to give all interested parties access at the same time. Record storage is simpler because you can house all files on a central server instead of a in large central file room. Healthcare workers access patient records instantly, from any terminal instead of searching through multiple filing cabinets. Moreover, DMS dramatically reduces the number of lost or misplaced files.

In addition, healthcare organizations must always maintain document security and patient confidentiality. Document management software secures files at all times, and according to HIPAA and HITECH standards. Only employees with the correct user access can open or edit files. The software tracks all document changes for auditing purposes. In addition, regular backups provide excellent protection in case of disaster.

Imagine a doctor attempting to access lab results or x-rays through a paper-based system. She must first locate the patient’s file from the filing cabinet to review notes and diagnoses. Then she must locate the paper copy of the lab report and x-ray films, which take precious minutes to find. The documents are only as secure as the office and may be misplaced or lost if not cared for properly. Finally, she determines treatment options.

In contrast, with an electronic DMS solution, the doctor locates a patient’s medical records in seconds, from the secure server. Link lab and radiology reports for access within seconds for a doctor to review treatment options. Then the doctor is free to move onto another patient’s case. Plus, she can communicate quickly with her staff because they have access to the same information.

Claims Processing

Document management software for healthcare also simplifies claims processing. Employees access relevant patient data easily, enabling them to move quickly through the process according to clinic procedures. You also easily scan paper documents to add to a patient file. OCR even indexes handwritten documents for efficient retrieval. Managers uncover processing bottlenecks in real-time and re-route to other employees as necessary to ensure that patients are not left waiting on claims. Increase patient satisfaction through streamlined workflow.

In conclusion, document management solutions for healthcare provide countless benefits to your organization’s document access and claims processing procedures. MaxxVault, along with our processing tool MaxxClaim, helps you save money by automating tasks and improving productivity. You can customize our solutions according to your needs. That’s why Healthcare Tech Outlook named MaxxVault one of the 10 most promising Document Management Solution Providers in 2016. Contact MaxxVault today to see why we are the best document management solution for healthcare.