Document Management for Sharp OSA

Document Management for Sharp OSA®

Direct access to MaxxVault from the control panel of your Multi-Function Peripheral (MFP).

In one step - without having to return to your desk - scanned documents can be classified, indexed, filed or sent to the appropriate workflow. MaxxConnect turns your MFP into a portal to the MaxxVault repository and a launch-pad to your business processes.

Scanning from a Sharp OSA-enabled MFP, MaxxConnect enables direct access to the document repository. The highly dynamic control panel of the Sharp MFP presents the MaxxVault application just as if you were at your desk. Choose what index information is important and capture it using the Sharp keyboard or MaxxVault's auto indexing features like OCR Zone or database lookup.

Additionally, users can file scans directly to the folders within MaxxVault to which they have authorization. The Sharp MFP display will allow users to navigate through their folders, choosing that which is appropriate. Alternately, the user could choose to place the document into a workflow queue, instantly routing the document to the appropriate staff tasked with processing the information contained on the file. Once sent on its way, subsequent scans can be assigned and routed exactly as the previous selection for faster scanning. All the user has to do is modify select index fields.

MaxxConnect for Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs dramatically reduces the labor involved with properly storing your documents. Whether ad-hoc or large scanning jobs, MaxxConnect helps you unleash the true potential of your Sharp OSA-enabled MFP.

MaxxConnect supports Sharp OSA platform versions 3, 4 and 4.5. Scan to Cloud Document Management Solution is only support in OSA version 4.5 and later.

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Sharp OSA Integration Screenshots

Scan Buttons
Index Document
After Scan
After Index


  • Scan to any folder available in the user's security profile
  • View the document on the MFP display (if supported by the MFP)
  • Choose the index form
  • Index documents from the MFP keyboard
  • Enable indexing via OCR zone for similar document templates
  • Automate indexing with database lookups
  • Send scanned document to a workflow process
  • Burst documents after scan
  • Repeat the process just performed