Managing Membership with Document Management for Organizations

Managing Membership with Document Management for Organizations
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Managing Membership with Document Management for Organizations

Organizations that depend on their membership for funds and support often struggle to keep track of the records required. For this reason, effective document management for organizations requires a system that practically runs itself. Content services platforms offer many tools that free your leadership to do important work at the heart of your organizational mission. Here are four ways that document management for organizations keeps your membership data organized, accessible, and secure.

Instant Search and Retrieval

When dealing with members, you require instant access to member files and information. A document management system stores those files in such a way that a simple search term brings them to you without delay. No more putting members on hold while you thumb through a filing cabinet or search through a database. The same is true for organizational files. Find all your data on finances, staffing, communications, and more, simply with the correct search term and a few seconds’ waits.

Accelerate Membership Requests

Growing your organization is a priority, but with all the other tasks you perform, new membership is sometimes pushed to the back burner. One value of document management for organizations is its ability to accelerate membership requests via electronic forms. Additionally, this reduces errors in membership data. For example, a new member fills out an online form to request membership, and the system captures it immediately. It arrives at the appropriate individuals in the appropriate format, ready for review. It’s that simple.

Higher Accuracy

When pieces of member data are located in different spaces, it is difficult to get the whole picture without searching every potential source. Thanks to document management for organizations, this is no longer necessary. By housing all relevant data in the same place, your search retrieves everything related to the member, issue, or case you are researching. This facilitates more accurate communication and decision making.

Secure Member Access

An empowered membership is a force to be reckoned with. Never mind requiring your members to come through your headquarters to locate information. Instead, document management for organizations gives your members secure ways to access what they need to know. And this self-service system keeps your members engaged and encourages a sense of belonging.

Membership-driven organizations are often short on time and long on responsibilities. By implementing document management for organizations, you provide your staff with the access and time-saving tools they need to be successful. Want to learn more about how document management can help your team? Contact MaxxVault for more information today.