Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics


Document Management For Microsoft Dynamics

With MaxxDynamics, documents related to any business transaction are accessed directly from MS Dynamics GP, AX, SL and NAV for instant access.

Document Management For Micosoft Dynamics

MaxxDynamics, from MaxxVault LLC, provides a direct link between Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, SL and NAV ERP systems and the MaxxVault document management repository. MaxxDynamics makes it easy for MS Dynamics users to scan documents directly in and retrieve documents from the MaxxVault repository in one simple step. MaxxDynamics AP automation software makes approving invoices more efficient with integrated workflow and digital signatures from within the Microsoft Dynamics products. Since documents are captured and retrieved directly from the Dynamics interface, users are not required to learn any other systems or software. Our first accounts payable software integration for MaxxDynamics was accounts payable document management for Dynamics GP and then we designed document management for Microsoft Dynamics which covered all other ERP systems.

How It Works

New invoices and other incoming documents contain information that clerks must enter into the Microsoft Dynamics ERM system. When a clerk is done entering the information from the document, they can immediately scan it into the MaxxVault repository. The clerk places the document into the scanner, then either selects "MaxxVault Scan" from the MS Dynamics menu, or use the hot key shortcut to scan the document. The user has the ability to review the scanned pages for image quality and, when satisfied, confirm the scan by pressing the "Save to MaxxVault" button. The transaction's data values (including those just entered) are used as identifying metadata and are sent to MaxxVault along with the document image. Scanned and indexed in one easy step, MaxxDynamics also ensures the document is filed into the appropriate MaxxVault folder.

Once the document is securely stored into MaxxVault, it can be retrieved again just as easily. When reviewing a transaction in MS Dynamics GP, AX, SL or NAV, a clerk can instantly recover any and all supporting documents. From the MS Dynamics menu (or via keyboard shortcut), the clerk selects the "MaxxVault Search" option. MaxxDynamics automatically pulls from the active Dynamics screen the appropriate search criteria, conducts the search in MaxxVault, and presents a list of all relevant documents. The clerk may now open and review the documents of their choice.

MS-Dynamics-Logo | document management for Microsoft DynamicsMaxxDynamics provides one-click Document Scanning Solution, indexing and searching for users of Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, SL and NAV. As a result, users can input, file and complete their work with greater speed and efficiency. In addition, since the documents are stored in MaxxVault Enterprise they are secure and managed according to your specifications for records management and legal compliance. Microsoft Dynamics makes managing your business simple; adding document management for Microsoft Dynamics with MaxxDynamics makes it easier. The following screenshots feature MaxxDynamics integration with MS Dynamics GP.


From the Dynamics GP Menu, users can select MaxxVault Scan or MaxxVault Search. They can also use keyboard shortcuts.


Using the information on the page displayed in Dynamics GP as the search criteria (1), MaxxVault Search will present a list of the supporting documents (2). Users can then open and review the documents as required (3).



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