Document Management For Kyocera

Document Management for Kyocera HyPAS®

kyoceraMaxxVault and Kyocera HyPAS-enabled hardware deliver outstanding value to any organization needing powerful document management at an unbeatable price. MaxxConnect allows users scanning from a Kyocera HyPAS-capable Multi-Function Peripheral (MFP) to index and route documents directly to workflows in MaxxVault from the control panel.

With the touch of a few buttons, documents are correctly filed and sent to the proper workflows for processing. Using MaxxConnect for HyPAS-capable Kyocera MFPs, documents are scanned and filed with a few screen touches right at the device. Users have never had an easier time indexing and routing documents for fast search and retrieval. From the dynamic Kyocera control panel, users simply touch the MaxxVault icon to index and send documents to the repository. Once there, documents are routed through appropriate workflows for secure and efficient processing.

The dynamic control panel on Kyocera HyPAS MFPs provide "scan to" buttons that will ask to which folder the user wishes to send the document or the button may be pre-configured to send to a specific folder. The MFP will also display index fields for the department, document type, date and whatever other index values would automatically be associated with this document. When the index form is presented, users may use the control panel keyboard to input appropriate index values which are used to identify and retrieve documents, or to make indexing easier, use a database lookup.

Once indexing is complete, the document and associated XML tag containing index values are saved into a MaxxVault folder or may be routed to aWorkflow Automation Software for processing. Documents sent to a workflow may also trigger an email notifying the user(s) that a new document has arrived requiring their attention. Scanned documents are immediately available to any authorized MaxxVault user via MaxxVault desktop search, thick client, web client or from integrated Line-of-Business applications.

Thanks to MaxxConnect for Kyocera, filing documents has never been more efficient. In a process that can be as simple as pushing three buttons, paper documents are scanned, indexed, stored and secured. Partnering Kyocera and MaxxVault as your corporate document imaging strategy, you have an ideal platform for delivering document automation from the point of capture at the MFP through its entire lifecycle.

Document Management for Kyocera HyPAS Integration Screenshots

Scanning Settings
Document Preview
Document Indexing



  • Scan and index from the point of scan
  • Retrieve documents via index search, full-text search,or simply browse
  • View and print document images (TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc.)
  • Immediate access to scanned images
  • Strong security to protect confidentiality of images
  • Scan to any folder within the users' security profile
  • Configure Quick Scan buttons for predetermined settings
  • Manual selection of index forms and destination folders
  • Index scanned documents via keyboard or drop-down assist lists
  • Preview documents from the display
  • Rotate pages
  • Auto-index using barcodes

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