Document Management and the Benefits of Software Integration

Document Management and the Benefits of Software Integration
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Document Management and the Benefits of Software Integration

It is not unusual for business owners to avoid switching to document services because they don’t want to lose the content management they have already done. Thankfully, a digital transformation does not mean starting from scratch. In fact, almost any software you currently use to manage communication, electronic document storage, client data, and other information, can be integrated into a MaxxVault document management platform. Here are some key benefits to choosing a comprehensive electronic document management system with software integration.

Streamline Processes

When a project requires data from across platforms, the time it requires multiplies quickly. Searching physical files, email attachments, client information, and more could easily take longer than the actual work required. By implementing software integration, you streamline the process of finding relevant data. All the information required for a particular client, project, or patient is available via a simple search term. Redirect your time and energy to the work that really needs your expertise, and leave the search-and-find to us.

Single-Click Access

Security is a high priority when it comes to sensitive data. Software integration allows you to move all access through a single, secure entry point. You will no longer need to have a list of passwords, which can put your login information at risk. By locking down your data, document management becomes a gatekeeper. Additionally, you gain the ability to grant specific permissions to the relevant parties. This means that your documents are only seen by the people who require them.

Intuitive Storage

When all parties have the ability to store, label, edit, and move documents in your files, the results are often chaos. Instead of leaving your storage up to chance, software integration takes all of your current storage and incoming data and organizes it intuitively. Instead of trying to find the latest version of a file or who last edited a document, you can reference a clear chain of documented access. This type of standardization saves you headaches and management, as your employees integrate their files seamlessly and without confusion.

Concern about software integration is understandable. You have invested hours of labor and thought in your current document management system. MaxxVault can relieve your concern through easy and intuitive software integration, making your organization more efficient, profitable, and connected. To read more about our integrations, visit our MaxxVault Integrations page. To discuss document management and how it can work for you, contact us today.