Document Management Benefits for Nonprofits

Document Management Benefits for Nonprofits
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Document Management Benefits for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges among industries. Frequently working with a bare-bones budget and staff, nonprofits require extra supports and tools to work efficiently and effectively. Document management benefits these organizations by providing the framework for effective work while also maintaining security and ease-of-use. Here are four major benefits of document management for nonprofits.

Consolidate Donor Information

Most nonprofits have contacts and leads coming in from many sources. If you are regularly taking in information via your website, mail-in cards, events, emails, etc., this creates a lot of work for your team. Entering these contacts one a time is time-consuming and uses valuable man-hours. Document management benefits nonprofits by collecting this information through data capture or scanning, consolidating these leads in one accessible space immediately. In other words, lose the risk of human error while increasing your team’s efficiency.

Raise Volunteers’ Effectiveness

Many nonprofits depend on the assistance of volunteers. One downside to this system is the frequent turnover of help. Training and assisting volunteers could easily become a job in its own right (and frequently is). Document management platforms offer great solutions to this issue, such as providing user credentials with limited permissions. Each volunteer is given a login that grants them access to the information they need while protecting data that should stay secure. Additionally, document management automation features can perform many rote and repetitive tasks such as mailings, allowing volunteers to focus on meaningful and interactive tasks.

Do More With Less

Nonprofits have notoriously small budgets and equally expansive goals. In order to accomplish organizational objectives, nonprofits must make the most of every penny they receive. Document management benefits CFOs and accountants in these scenarios by offering a very quick return on investment. Once a document management system is in place, efficiency and productivity increase across the board. Document management reduces paper costs, simplifies regulatory compliance, and ease the donation process.   

Shift Smoothly Between Roles

Another common challenge in nonprofit companies relates to the roles and responsibilities of team members. The common phrase “wearing many hats” applies here, as employees take on a wide variety of titles and positions to reduce the number of required staff. Moving from one job to the next requires flexibility, but quality tools can ease this transition and make the shift smoother. For instance, document management benefits include the ability to access all company documents on a mobile device as needed. Move from a donor meet-and-greet to a financial consultation with all the information you need on your phone or tablet.   

No matter how great the vision, a successful nonprofit must have the right support system in place. From streamlining communication to equipping volunteers, document management benefits nonprofits by offering tools that help them succeed. If you would like to learn more about document management options for nonprofits, contact MaxxVault for more information.